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Council manager appointed to NAMS advisory group

Colin Warmington
Council's Strategic Assets Manager Colin Warmington, who has been appointed to the National Asset Management Strategy Council Qld (NAMS-Q) Advisory Group.

Bundaberg Regional Council’s Strategic Assets Manager, Colin Warmington, has been appointed to the National Asset Management Strategy Council Qld (NAMS-Q) Advisory Group.

Mayor Jack Dempsey said Colin’s appointment elevated the Bundaberg region’s profile and standing in the infrastructure community.

“Asset management is an important function within Council as it ensures our public works infrastructure, community assets and services are managed efficiently to minimise lifecycle costs,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The appointment of Strategic Assets Manager Colin Warmington as a Central Queensland representative means Bundaberg Regional Council is in a prime position to share best practice information and network with a broad range of organisations.”

The NAMS Council was established by the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia to provide a coordinated asset management strategy, Colin Warmington said.

“The NAMS-Q Advisory Group sets governance and works to achieve consistency in Asset Management practices across Queensland,” he said.

“We also provide advice on asset management related matters to the NAMS Council at a national level.”

For Colin, his representation on behalf of Bundaberg Regional Council also allows him further professional development and an additional platform to help others.

“I am interested in continuing to implement the Asset Management Framework with all business units within Council so we can best deliver services to the community at the lowest possible lifecycle cost,” Colin said.

“Being clear in our conversations about what services we are providing avoids the mistake of spending money that has no ultimate benefit to what the customer needs.

“Having the chance to drive this approach internally and also influence the national agenda is how this can be achieved.”

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