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Train rides resume at Botanic Gardens on Sunday

Sugar Cane Rail
The Australian Sugar Cane Railway locomotives have carried more than 635,000 patrons since commencing operations in the Botanic Gardens in 1988.

Members of the local Australian Sugar Cane Railway (ASCR) are looking forward to letting off a little steam this weekend.

The popular steam train rides that encompass a scenic route through the Botanic Gardens will resume on Sunday.

ASCR secretary Ross Driver said the attraction was now able to resume with due respect to a COVID-19 community safety plan.

“We will commence the first run on Sunday at the earlier time of 9am and will operate through until last train at 3.30pm.

“I would urge people to plan their visit to the Gardens if they are intending to take a train ride. Obviously we would not be able to cater to the wishes of everyone if crowds turned up solely in the morning.

“As part of our COVID-19 safe operating plan, trains will be required to stop for an extended time to allow passengers to disembark and for a required cleaning to be undertaken.”

Mr Driver said the steam engines had been carefully maintained by ASCR members over the duration of the lockdown which had enabled a quick resumption of the service.

“The ASCR commenced operations in the Botanic Gardens in 1988 and had steadily grown in popularity with 2019 a sensational operational year.

“We hauled 35,000 passengers during the course of the year setting a record in the process.”

Mr Driver said the ASCR was very proud of the contribution it had made and continued to make to the local visitor market and to the ongoing enjoyment of the thousands who used the service.

“Funds raised through the operation of our locomotives generate income that enables us to maintain our equipment and to add to our assets as required. Work is underway to add a further bay to our locomotive shed,” he said.

Additional services will be provided during each week of the school holidays with trains operating on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sundays.

Cane trains
The locomotives will resume service at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday. (Photo courtesy ASCR)

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