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Bundaberg Now sports report

Mitchell Wright was Best on ground for Waves Eagles in their win over Hervey Bay Bombers.

Waves men's teams dominated again in the top grades of District AFL, Hockey and Football (Soccer) across the region on Saturday.

In AFL, Waves Eagles powered on with a 13.5 (83) to 6.11 (47) victory over fellow perennial heavyweights and hosts, Hervey Bay Bombers, with Mitchell Wright, Ethan Hawkins and Jason Bethune each bagging hat-tricks of goals, but it was Patrick Power who took out the Best on Ground.

In hockey, Waves Cities also made it two from two and started the season with Queensland representative star Ryley Stevens and Lachlan McLennan hammering in three goals in an 8-1 demolition of fellow first-round winners Raiders/Rovers.

In football, Waves swamped Diggers 9-1 in their Wide Bay Premier League showdown at Martens Oval with former UPE star 18-year-old Bryce Hibberd following in the footsteps of his uncle's and former club greats, Giuseppe and Robert Barazza, on his club debut with a three-goal haul.

Here are all the results:


Wide bay Seniors

ATW Eagles 1.2, 4.4, 10.5, 13.5 (83) defeated Hervey Bay Bombers 1.4, 1.5, 3.6, 6.11 (47).

Goals. Eagles: M Wright 3, E Hawkins 3, J Bethune 3, N Van Eerken 2, J Everett, C Enever. Bombers: L Hodgetts 3, D Winterton 2, M Lewis.

Eagles best: P Power, J Everett, N Van Eerken, C Woodrow, D Nelson, J Bethune.

Bombers best: J Andrew, B Tietz, L Hodgetts, T Baldwin, C Wicks, T Kettle.

Bay Power 5.1, 11.2, 16.6, 20.10 (130) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 2.1, 2.3, 5.4, 6.5 (41).

Goals. Bay Power: K Clark 4, J Stothard 3, G Krohn 3, M Saunders 3, T Bennetts 3, J Wheeler 2, J Fredericks, C Horne. Bulldogs: B Davis 3, C Crowther 2, G Webb.

Bay Power best: J Stothard, T Bennetts, J Devene, K Clark, G Krohn, C Horne.

Bulldogs best: G Webb, H Hodgson, J Conder, C Crowther, B Davis, M Maddock

Wide Bay Reserves

Hervey Bay Bombers 3.2, 5.2, 7.4, 9.5 (59) defeated ATW Eagles 0.0, 1.3, 3.3, 7.4 (46).

Goals. Bombers: M Duffy 7, K Hare,  M Treloar;  Eagles: K Perry 5, A Bethune,  A Mason.

Bombers best: P Eisel, J Goodluck, M Treloar, T Kidd, M Duffy, A Doust.

Eagles best: E Byrne, T Jater, K Fagan, C Schneider, A Mason, J Johnson.

Bay Power 2.3, 3.8, 5.9, 7.11 (53) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.2, 2.3, 3.5, 3.5 (23).

Goals. Bay Power: R McCormack 2, D Bunyan, R Miller, M Sunderland, M McGreevy, B Papavasiliou. Bulldogs: G Webb 2, B Krebs.

Bay Power best: D Bunyan, M McGreevy, R McCormack, M Sunderland, L Vetemotu, K Williams.

Bulldogs best: Z Mercieca, J Hosford, J Kelsey, J Callaghan, A Wattie, B Krebs.


ATW Eagles 2.1, 5.3, 6.5, 7.7 (49) defeated Hervey Bay Bombers 1.2, 1.3, 3.6, 5.10 (40).

Goals. Eagles: T Burchardt 2, N Creighton 2, J Booth, M Jonsson-Harlacz.  Bombers: J Darby 2, T Paech, J Wagner, M Treloar.

Eagles best: C Davis, M Jonsson-Harlacz, T Burchardt, A Marks, J Quinn;

Bombers best: H Stewart, D Johnstone, J Wagner, D Drake, J Darby, M Kelly.


Hervey Bay Bombers 12.10 (80) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 1.4 (10).

Bay Power 21.6 (75) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 2.3 (15).


Hervey Bay Bombers Red 9.8 (62) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 5.8 (38).

Bay Power 4.9 (33) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 4.3 (27).

Bundaberg Football


Diggers 4 (Mitchell Bluff, Todd Bray, Joshua Barlow, Clint Collins) defeated ATW 2 (Sam Hodgkinson, Raffaele Falabella).

UPE Black 3 (Matthew Sobczak 2, Jayden Pym) defeated SC Corinthians 0.

UPE White 1 (Nick Maas) defeated BAV 0.


ATW Rangers 2 (Christian Zandona, Zye Cory) defeated UPE Black 1 (Luke Darcy).

ATW United 3 (Lachlan Brown 2, Noah Kerslake) defeated SC Corinthians Gladiators 1 (Caiden Brown).

UPE Purple 3 (Will Anderson 2, Khoen Wenzel) drew UPE White 3 (Daniel Banks 2, Ned Jenner).


UPE 5 (Finlay Bath 4, Tyler Ash) defeated ATW Hot Spurs 0.

Diggers 2 (Cohen Kruger 2) defeated Bargara 1 (Charlie Turner).


UPE Black 4 (Marek Cooper 2, Matthew Joyce, Huy Nguyen) defeated UPE White 2 (Liam Loudon 2).

Bingera 4 (Cameron Manski 4) defeated ATW Saints 0.

BAV 5 (Zedd Peters 3, Swarith Chand, Jaxon Drinnen) defeated Diggers 3 (Paige Parker 2, Hamish Haase).


Gin Gin 5 (Joseph Hill 2, Harley Lange, Ty Lavercombe, Riff Smith) drew BAV Villains 5 (Zedd Peters 2, Swarith Chand, Jaxon Drinnen, Cooper Hiscocks).

ATW United 3 (Slade Punter, Jack Rosenblatt, Bowie Young) defeated UPE White 1 (Logan Harris).

Bargara Aspire Dolphins 1 (Flynn Schiffke) defeated Bingera 0.

Wide Bay Premier League

ATW 9 (Bryce Hibberd 3, Sam Meyer 2, Dylan Shackley 2, Callum Hillier, Mitchell Aslett) defeated Diggers 1 (Travis Price).

UPE 13 (Joshua Adcock 5, Brendan Davis 2, Jake Davis 2, Anthony Grant 2, Scott Bretag, Luke Coates) defeated Doon Villa 0.

Sunbury 3 defeated Granville 0.

KSS Jets 2 defeated Bargara 0.

Bingera 3 (Joel Haack, Gary O’Donnell, Daniel Watson) defeated BAV 2 (Jaryd Bennier 2).

Wide Bay League 2

ATW 3 (Sebastian Foglia 2, Jordan Poole) defeated SC Corinthians 1 (Hayden Slater).

UPE 11 (Connor Taylor 3, Tommy Terlier 2, Jayden Pym 2, William Bath, Matthew Jefferson, Nathan Millis, Bryce Smith) defeated Doon Villa 0.

Tinana 6 defeated Granville 3.

KSS Jets 6 defeated Bargara 0.


Hockey Under-11’s

Waves Cities 6 (Connor Castelli 3, Brock Green 2, Sophie Aitkenhead 1) defeated All Blacks 0.

Arrows Athletics 5 (Hamish Cook 1, Tully Dorgan 2, Freya Cook 2) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.

Hockey Under-13’s

All Blacks 6 (Chloe Mcdonald 3, Timothy Wales 2, Mathilda Rasmussen 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 2 (Jackson Howard 2).

Waves Cities 3 (Ryan Consen, Marshall Eason, Sophie Aitkenhead 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 1 (Tully Dorgan).

Hockey Under-16’s

Waves Cities 3 (Sam Aitkenhead 1, Sophie Castelli 1, Gabrielle Aitkenhead 1) defeated All Blacks 0.

Arrows Athletics 6 (Jesse Beveridge 2, Ben Smith 2, Liam Dorgan 1, Rory Darr 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Hailey Kendall).

Hockey Women’s

Raiders Rovers drew with Waves Cities 0-All

Arrows Athletics 2 (Eboney Braysher 1, Chloe Connor 1) defeated All Blacks (Leah McLaren 1)

Hockey Men’s

Waves Cities 8 (Ryley Stevens 3, Lachlan McLennan 3, Sam Aitkenhead 2) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Dean Wightman)

All Blacks 1 (Andrew Nock) drew with Arrows Athletics 1 (Martin Green)