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Chief Entrepreneur to meet businesses Wednesday

Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp will appear at the Hinkler Innovation Series event in May.
Queensland Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp will be in Bundaberg on Wednesday to meet local businesses.

Leanne Kemp, Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, will be visiting Bundaberg on Wednesday, as part of her “grassroots tour” of Queensland.

“The aim of the Chief Entrepreneur’s visit to Bundaberg is a “grass roots listening tour”,” she said.

“We wish to raise the profile of each region we visit and the companies within it.

“I am able to listen, connect and engage with small business founders, business leaders, lecturers, investors, (all!) to understand and provide guidance through the COVID-19 period.”

Forum on Wednesday afternoon

As part of her visit to Bundaberg, Ms Kemp will be holding a forum at The Generator on Wednesday afternoon.

“These forums are designed to be open and inclusive to everyone in the community, whilst of course, adhering to social distancing protocols.

“The Generator has capacity to hold up to 30 attendees at one time so we encourage those who wish to attend to arrive on time.”

The Chief Entrepreneur would like to hear any significant concerns first hand and seek to identify solutions and avenues for support – whether that be corporate or government.

She will be addressing the “COVID new normal” and what that means for business and community.

The open forum will then address where the challenges for the next 12-24 months will come from,  what the future economy will look like and the move away from shareholder value to stakeholder value and how to achieve it.

Forum registrations will be taken from 12.30 Wednesday, upstairs at The Generator, via QR code.

Leanne Kemp is Founder and CEO of Everledger, as well as being Queensland Chief Entrepreneur.

She is a prominent figure in the technology sector and recognised internationally as an innovator and leader.

Her company Everledger uses Blockchain technology to track high-value assets such as diamonds, art and wine with the aim of increasing transparency and trust with technology.

In 2018, her entrepreneurial success saw her appointed as the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur in Australia, to develop the state’s startup ecosystem, attract investment and support job creation.

She is the first woman entrepreneur to hold this position.

Leanne is looking forward to coming back to Bundaberg.

“I’ve visited Bundaberg countless times, from when I was a little girl traveling up the coast with my family to being in the role of Chief Entrepreneur where I have visited four times,” Leanne said.

“Bundaberg is one of the only places in the whole of Australia that stands out as a high quality agricultural centre.

“You are very fortunate to not only have a considerable supply of cane sugar, ginger, and rum(!), but you also have huge quantities of fresh vegetables.

“Bundaberg is the food bowl for Australia and actually, the world.

“This visit is part of a 14 day to 14 towns regional trip to encourage innovators to get back out there and respond to COVID.

“As the Premier says, Queensland is good to go!”