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Bundaberg Region featured on The Caravan Show

The Caravan Show
Roy Wyss and Mayor Jack Dempsey on The Caravan Show podcast

The Bundaberg region has been featured on a national platform, with Mayor Jack Dempsey being interviewed on The Caravan Show.

The popular podcast has followers around Australia and has just completed its first season.

“The Caravan Show producers approached us to feature the Bundaberg Region, as they had heard so many great things about our area,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“The interview went for almost an hour and it was great to be able to showcase our many features, as well as the facilities we have for caravan and RV travellers.

“They also asked about any ‘secret places’ we have and Roy was surprised to hear about some of the ‘hidden treasures’ we have in our region.”

The Caravan Show host Roy Wyss said it was great having a chat with the Mayor.

“We have interviewed around 40 Mayors and Regional Representatives from all over Australia in the past two months,” Roy said.

“While all of our interviewees were passionate and knowledgeable about their area we found Jack to be most confident and charismatic – his passion and knowledge was exceptional.

“This is not to the detriment of other interviewees, as we believe all of our episodes were entertaining and educational, it is just our opinion that our interview with Jack was one of the most professional and highest quality.

“Our producer described it as almost like a morning TV show style of interview.

“We found out a few things about Bundaberg we didn't know.

“When you don't know an area that well you generally think of a couple of things and for us that was Bundaberg Rum and the township of Bundaberg.

“For some reason we didn't really associate the reef and coastline with Bundaberg until our interview.

“Bundaberg was the first episode where the Mayor had also been filmed.

“These made a massive difference to our production quality – it gave our producer and editor an opportunity to provide a completed video that is of a very high standard.

“Your video quality and audio was of a very high standard, giving our podcast a more professional sound as well.

“We are hoping to spread the word and get the economy moving as far and wide as possible and get people visiting our beautiful land.”

The Caravan Show podcast featuring Mayor Jack Dempsey talking about the Bundaberg region can be viewed here.

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