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Bundaberg Now weekend sports report

Sam Aitkenhead

In this week's Bundaberg Now weekend sports report, we look at results in hockey, AFL and Junior Rugby League.

It was the Sam Aitkenhead solo show as he struck all three goals to clinch a 3-0 victory for Waves Cities over All Blacks in the Bundaberg Hockey Under-16 duel at Hinkler Park on Saturday.

Club-mate Lachlan McLennan went one better, bagging four to star in a 6-0 result for their men’s side against Raiders/Rovers.

There were two other hat-tricks recorded for the round, with Kalen Wilke and Matilda Rasmussen also having field days as All Blacks white-washed Raiders/Rovers 8-0 in Under-13.

It was the battle of the Big Cats in the Bundaberg Junior Rugby League Under-18 division with Brent Hass kicking a tough field goal on the siren to seal a surprise 19-18 victory for the previously winless Waves Tigers over Wests Panthers who suffered their first loss.

The Under-13 Tigers also roared to a 30-8 triumph over the Panthers with halfback Jimmy Gear and second rower Brody Allan each notching three tries.

It was a bad day for the Bundaberg clubs in the AFL Wide Bay Senior division with both Across The Waves Eagles and Brothers Bulldogs losing to Hervey Bay’s Bombers 11.2 (68) to 6.9 (45) and Power 11.11 (77) to 2.5 (17) respectively.

Here are all the local results for the weekend:

AFL Wide Bay


Bay Power 3.2, 5.4, 10.9, 11.11 (77) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 1.1, 1.1, 2.2, 2.5 (17).

Bay Power Goal Kickers: M. Saunders 3, L. Whitehurst 2, T. Bennetts 2, C. Horne 2, J. Wheeler, J. Fredericks.

Best Players: D. Alexander, T. Bennetts, T. Burch, J. Stothard, L. Whitehurst, C. Horne.

Brother Bulldogs Goal Kickers: C. Crowther, B. Davis.

Best Players: J. Conder, H. Hodgson, G. Webb, J. Fry, D. Steemson, B. Davis.

Hervey Bay Bombers 4.1, 6.1, 7.1, 11.2 (68) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 1.2, 1.7, 5.8, 6.9 (45).

Hervey Bay Goal Kickers: L. Hodgetts 4, J. Feben 2, J. Barker, B. Ottery, M. Lewis, J. O'Connell, L. O'Toole.

Best Players: J. Barker, J. Simms, C. Wicks, B. Ottery, L. O'Toole, J. Nagy.

Across the Waves Eagles Goal Kickers: M. Blair, P. Power, N. Van Eekeren, J. Forrestall, D. Wood, J. Welsh.

Best Players: C. Enever, C. Woodrow, E. Byrne, M. Sommer Liverton, N. Van Eekeren, C. Welsh.


Hervey Bay Bombers 4.1, 9.4, 11.6, 15.9 (99) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 2.0 (12).

Hervey Bay Goal Kickers: M. Duffy 6, B. Shillingsworth 4, J. Johnstone 2, K. Hare 2, M. Showler.

Best Players: S. Proudlove, A. Doust, S. Munsie, N. Douglas-Denduck, J. Johnstone, P. Eisel.

Brothers Bulldogs Goal Kickers: J. Hosford, J. Fry.

Bay Power 1.0, 1.4, 2.5, 5.6 (36) defeated Maryborough 2.2, 3.3, 5.4, 5.4 (34).


Hervey Bay Bombers 2.0, 2.2, 4.6, 4.7 (31) defeated Across The Waves Eagles 0.0, 2.1, 3.2, 4.6 (30).

Hervey Bay Goal Kickers: T. Hillhouse 2, J. Graham, B. Cuffe

Across the Waves Goal Kickers: H. Schneider 3, J. Booth.

Best Players: J. Booth, C. Davis, M. Jonsson-Harlacz, T. Burchard, N. Creighton, H. Schneider.


Bay Power 18.11 (66) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 1.0 (6).

Hervey Bay Bombers 12.12 (62) defeated ATW Eagles 0.2 (2).


Hervey Bay Bombers Red 5.5 (35) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 3.9 (27).

Hervey Bay Bombers Black 3.2 (20) defeated Bay Power 2.1 (13).

Football Bundaberg

All Wide Bay League games, along with many Bundaberg matches, were postponed due to heavy rain.

Results of all matches for this round will be published once they are completed and are available to Bundaberg Now.

Hockey Bundaberg


Waves Cities 7 (Bailey Hall 2, Laci McLucas 1, Brock Green 1, Cooper Pashley 1, Sophie Aitkenhead 1) defeated All Blacks 0.

Arrows Athletics 2 (Tully Dorgan, Freya Cook 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.


Arrows Athletics 1 (Tully Dorgan 1) drew with Waves Cities 1 (Ryan Consen 1).

All Blacks 8 (Kalen Wilke 3, Mathilda Rasmussen 3, Tim Wales 1, Steven Lane 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.


Waves Cities 3 (Sam Aitkenhead 3) defeated All Blacks 1 (Isaac Wales).

Arrows Athletics 4 (Damon Pegg 2, Liam Dorgan 1, Tully Dorgan 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 1 (Hailey Kendall).


Raiders Rovers and Waves Cities – drawn game – cancelled due to rain at half time.

All Blacks 3 (Britney Williams 2, Jackki Greiner 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 1 (Krysten Green).


All Blacks 5 (Rikki Elder 1, Nathan McGill 1, Tristan Turner 1, Dale Veivers 1, Isaac Wales 1) defeated Arrows Athletics 1 (Martin Green).

Waves Cities 6 (Lachlan McLennan 4, Matthew Quaite 1, Jarred Taylor 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0.

Rugby League – Bundaberg Junior

Brent Hass
It was the battle of the Big Cats in the Bundaberg Junior Rugby League Under-18 division with Brent Hass kicking a tough field goal on the siren to seal a surprise 19-18 victory for the previously winless Waves Tigers over Wests Panthers who suffered their first loss.


Waves Tigers 19 (Joel Cox, Will Richardson, Folau Haelli tries; Joel Cox 3 goals; Brent Hass field goal) defeated Wests Panthers 18 (Torey Kirby 2, Ethan Evans, Joel Baldwin tries; Joel Baldwin goal).


Bundaberg Grizzlies 26 (Tyrese Johnson, Bryden Blair, Riley Kearton, Caleb Evans, Zander Kerr tries; Zander Kerr 3 goals) defeated Brothers 18 (Tumeli Nico, Kayne Mitchell, Mitchell Allen, Mark Malau tries; Kayne Mitchell goal).


Wests Panthers 16 (Rhys Turnbull, Cordan Shearer, Khodi Docherty tries; Ryan Bugeja 2 goals) defeated Brothers 6 (Ezekiel Monckton try, goal).

Hervey Bay Seagulls 24 (Kayleb Angeles 2, Kyal Pitchford, Elijah Mason, Harry Armstrong tries; Dane Blanke, Eden Wheeler goals) defeated Easts Magpies 0.


Brothers 38 (Blake Powter 3, Zac Ellem, Jack Schmidt, Dawson Hess, Dane Zardus, Jett Maher tries; Blake Powter 2, Dawson Hess goals) defeated Wests Panthers 0.


Waves Tigers 30 (Jimmy Gear 3, Brody Allan 3 tries; Jimmy Gear 2, Brody Allan goals) defeated Wests Panthers 8 (Xavier Stanley, Brody Lake tries).

Brothers 34 (Oliver Smith, Jomar Gustilo, Toby Collins, Daniel Cairns, Logan Toms, Ronan Fritz tries; Jomar Gustilo 5 goals) defeated Easts Magpies 16 (Bentley Rizzo 3 tries; Joshua Garland, Ryan Charteris).