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Snakes more active as weather warms up

A brown snake captured at Avenell Heights and later released. Photo: Kavs Wildlife Services

As spring edges closer and the weather warms up, Bundaberg snake catchers have received more call-outs and remind residents to be aware.

Snake catcher Kyle Hancock of Kav’s Wildlife Services said the recent warm weather has prompted increased snake sightings and call-outs.

“Just this week I’ve probably attended at least four to five calls,” said Kyle.

“I’ve had a couple of browns and carpet snakes, and a tree snake so far and it seems that everything is starting to get moving due to the nice beautiful weather.”

While the Bundaberg Region is home to 27 species of snake, Kyle said not all are dangerous and venomous.

“The eastern brown is one of the quite common ones we have here,” he said.

“But we’ve actually got 27 species in our region alone and not all of them are dangerous.”

Don’t take action

Kyle said the majority of snake bites came from people “taking action” against snakes and said anyone encountering a snake should give it a wide berth and call a catcher.

“No snake is dangerous if you leave it alone,” Kyle said.  

“If you’re just walking along a walking track and see it, leave it alone and don’t even worry about calling a catcher, but if it’s inside the house or garage give a catcher a call.

“Don’t try to capture it yourself and just keep an eye on the snake. Don’t take your eye off it and give a snake catcher a call ASAP … the sooner you call, the sooner we can help with relocation.

“We’ll go out and catch the snake, relocate it to a suitable habitat and keep everyone safe.”

Habitat areas for snakes include locations with water, such as ponds or dams with long grass, though snakes can be attracted to piles of rocks, timber, metal and building supplies.

It’s for that reason, that Kyle said it was important to clean up your yard.

“If you keep your yard tidy and clean there’s not much of a hiding spot for them then you probably won’t have much of a problem, but if it looks like snake habitat then it probably is,” Kyle said.

New league of Bundaberg snake catchers

This was the release of a gorgeous coastal carpet python that found its way into the innings of someone’s car above the front right tire. He was safely relocated a short distance away where he gave an awesome display of his body strength. These guys are amazing climbers and are considered semi arboreal snakes commonly raiding farm sheds or roofs looking for a snack or a bit of shelter. They can be great to keep rodents down but can also be a threat to pet cats or guinea pigs if pets are kept outdoors.

Posted by Jakes Reptile Relocations on Monday, August 17, 2020

There’s also been an increase in snake and reptile catchers around Bundaberg, and Kyle said there are now three snake-catching businesses in the Bundaberg area.

“There’s actually three of us guys in town now, myself, Josh at Scaly Mates, and then a new young upcoming guy called Jake’s Reptile Relocation.”

That new upcoming reptile and snake catcher is 19-year-old Jake Stinson who recently started his own reptile catching business after working with Kyle.  

Despite being fresh to the scene, Jake has worked with reptiles for years at the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo and is already cutting his teeth on call-outs.

“I’ve just got the business up-and-running and have already probably gone out to 20 call-outs,” Jake said.

“Just the other day, I had a gorgeous coastal carpet python that found its way into the wheel arch of someone’s car above the front right tire and I safely relocated that one a short distance away.

“I’ve been into reptiles most of my life and been volunteering at the Children Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo and and wild snakes have a bit of a special place in my heart, so if I can help relocate then that keep everyone safe.

On spotting a snake, call a licensed snake catcher.

Snakes are also protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 and it is illegal to hurt or kill them.

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