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New officer in charge at South Kolan

Sergeant Matt Swan has been announced as the new Officer in Charge at South Kolan Police Station.

South Kolan Police
Sergeant Matt Swan at South Kolan Police Station.

Sgt Swan isn’t new to small station life and has already had a very successful and rewarding career having joined the Queensland Police Service in 2010.

Over the past 10 years, Sgt Swan has worked in many different areas of Queensland including Mount Isa, Brisbane City and Yarrabah before taking a position as the OIC of Leyburn, which is a one-man police station 79km south-west of Toowoomba.

Sgt Swan said the experience of moving throughout the state was an exciting aspect of being a police officer.

“I love my policing role and the fact that it comes with new locations and new challenges,” he said.

Having worked in both the city and the country, Sgt Swan said he finds the work far more rewarding in country areas.

“I enjoy working with the community whether it be at community events, schools or during day-to-day policing functions,” he said.

“It allows you to have a great work/life balance and a sense of pride about your work as you can easily see how it directly impacts your community.”

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