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Half of Bundaberg City now has Telstra 5G

Telstra 5G
Bundaberg is among the first 25 locations in Australia where Telstra is introduce high-speed 5G technology. Photo: Telstra

Telstra says it's reached a milestone in the roll-out of 5G, with 50 per cent of Bundaberg now covered by the high-speed network.

Bundaberg was one of the first areas to be selected for 5G along with Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Telstra says 5G stands for fifth generation “and is the next leap forward in mobile network technology. Downloads that take seconds, not minutes. Seamless streaming. Real-time gaming”.

Optus and Vodafone are also establishing 5G networks.

Telstra regional general manager May Boisen said the company's roll-out would continue over coming months.

“We’ve reached a milestone with our 400th Telstra 5G site on-air in Queensland and we’re reaching more and more people with the next generation of mobile technology,” Ms Boisen said.

“Every week we’re expanding Telstra 5G to more suburbs in Brisbane and in Queensland’s regions so that as more 5G devices go on sale, our customers can have the latest devices on Australia’s best network.”

There are now more than 1500 Telstra 5G sites on-air across selected areas of 53 Australian cities and towns.

“We’ve made a commitment to roll out the new Telstra 5G network to more areas across metro, regional and rural Australia – and that’s exactly what we’re doing,” Ms Boisen said.

The Australian Government says there are no health concerns with 5G.

In January, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy said he'd like to reassure the community that 5G technology is safe.

“There is no evidence telecommunication technologies, such as 5G, cause adverse health impacts,” Dr Murphy said.

“Mobile phone networks and other wireless telecommunications emit low-powered radio waves also known as radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic energy (EME). This is different to ionising radiation associated with nuclear energy or use in medicine.

“The radio waves to which the general public is exposed from telecommunications are not hazardous to human health.”

The 23 Bundaberg suburbs with more than 50 per cent coverage are:

  • Ashfield
  • Avenell Heights
  • Avoca
  • Bundaberg Central
  • Bundaberg East
  • Bundaberg North
  • Bundaberg South
  • Bundaberg West
  • Gooburrum
  • Kalkie
  • Kensington
  • Kepnock
  • Millbank
  • Mon Repos
  • Norville
  • Oakwood
  • Qunaba
  • Rubyanna
  • Svensson Heights
  • Thabeban
  • Walkervale
  • Windermere
  • Woongarra

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