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Emergency services join forces for road safety message

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Local emergency services have joined forces to send a safety message during Queensland Road Safety Week 2020. Photo courtesy RACQ Lifeflight Rescue

Bundaberg emergency services and RACQ LifeFlight Rescue came together this week to send a road safety message during Queensland Road Safety Week 2020.

Local police officers, paramedics, firefighters and helicopter rescue crews regularly work together to assist crash victims across the region.

Today, they joined forces to share crucial safety messages, aiming to prevent crashes and save lives.

Motor vehicle accidents were the top mission type for the Bundaberg RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter, throughout the last financial year (2019-2020), with crews being called to 44 crashes.

Bundaberg RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Pilot Franco Bertoli urged all road users to take responsibility for their actions and put safety first, every time they're behind the wheel.

“Please drive safely, drive to the conditions, look after yourselves and the people around you, keep situational awareness and your wits about you,” Mr Bertoli said.

“It's not only yourself, you're also looking out for other drivers that might be doing silly things, so please be safe on the roads,” he said.

“We're all trying to work as one to save lives out on the roads, we've each got our own tasks to do to help the community.”

In delivering the road safety message, local police said speeding was one of the major killers on Queensland Roads, with about half of all serious speeding crashes happening at less than 10km/h over the speed limit.

District Officer Superintendent Michael Sawrey said as a road user it was important to ensure your vehicle was maintained and in safe working order.

“This includes checking your speedometer, as often changes to the vehicle, tyre pressure and other factors can alter the reading of your speedo,” Superintendent Sawrey said.

“Little things to make sure your speedo is correct and accurate can make all the difference in how you drive.”

Residents are being asked to ‘sign up for road safety' and share their own road safety messages on the Queensland Government's Street Smarts QLD website.

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