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Reports of big barra at Lake Monduran

Nathan Sutton with the 75cm Lake Monduran barra he caught this week.
Nathan Sutton with the 75cm Lake Monduran barra he caught this week.

For a couple of diehard barra anglers who love their barra fishing, there have been reports of a few 70-90cm Lake Monduran barra being caught, according to TackleWorld Bundaberg.

With the cool westerly winds blowing on the dam over the past week, fishing has been tough.

Once the fish have been found, then the fun starts. When trying to get that fish to bite, casting and patience is the key. Bring on summer!

Bundaberg offshore

With the weather forecast looking a bit ordinary for this weekend, it’s time to do a little bit of boat and trailer maintenance.

Change those bearings and grease the trailer, fix any electrical problems on the boat and just give the boat a good tidy-up.

Also, check to see if your rods and reels need any maintenance.

If you can’t do it yourself, take it to your local tackle shop that offers these services and they can do it for you.

Bundaberg inshore

For those fishos who don’t mind chasing a few pelagics, there have been good reports of schoolie mackerel and tuna busting up and being caught at the mouth of the Burnett River.

Casting slugs and Flasha lures into the schools and then using a quick retrieve should get you a feed.

If you’re wanting to troll, use small hard body lures.

Burnett River

Bring on summer! With the cooler weather still with us for the next few weeks blue salmon, flathead, bream and whiting will be the main species.

There have been good reports of flathead being caught using 3” to 5” soft plastics and bait fishermen have been using mullet strips and large prawns.

Jesse Spence with the lovely mangrove jack he caught recently.
Jesse Spence with the lovely mangrove jack he caught recently.

The blue salmon have been caught using soft vibe lures in the Town Reach around the bridges on the incoming tide, and at Fairymead Hole mainly on the outgoing tide.

Pumping yabbies on the low tide and fishing the sand flats as the tide moves in should pick you up a nice feed of whiting.

Bream are starting to slow down a bit but there are still good reports of good sized fish being caught.

Mullet gut, chook gut, prawns and mullet strips are just a few of the baits being used.

Baffle Creek and Kolan River

Good reports have been received of both Baffle Creek and the Kolan River fishing well at the moment with good trumpeter coming from both systems.

Prawns and sprat have been the common baits.

Flathead are also in good numbers using soft plastics drifting over the flats.

Remember to cast up-current. Sinking the lure to the bottom and the using a “hop, hop” retrieve will catch you more fish.

For the guys who love a good feed of whiting, pump your yabbies at low tide and get right up into the shallows waiting for the tide to come in.

All the hard work will pay off in the end.

Till next time, keep on casting
Shane Anderson

Tackle World Bundaberg