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Ocean Crusaders clean up tonnes of rubbish

Ocean Crusaders
Ocean Crusader Mark Harvey collects tyres from creek embankments.

A whopping 6.78 tonnes of rubbish was removed from local waterways in just six days when Ocean Crusaders waged war on marine litter in the Bundaberg Region.

The massive haul included almost 500 plastic bags, more than 400 food wrappers, 900 drink containers and 1050 polystyrene items.

Ocean Crusaders also collected 15 trolleys, 32 items of household furniture, 19 car parts and 87 tyres.

Bundaberg Regional Council environment portfolio spokesperson Cr Wayne Honor said the total rubbish collected equated to 43 cubic meters of waste.

“These are great results from the team at Ocean Crusaders but of course it’s incredibly disappointing that this volume of rubbish has found its way into our rivers and streams,” Cr Honor said.

“This equates to more than 1000kg of rubbish being pulled out of our waterways per day and frankly that’s unacceptable.

“The potential damage that this can cause to our marine environment and marine life is staggering.

“I urge residents to think about the impacts of this behaviour before littering or illegally dumping.”

Mayor Jack Dempsey said he was dismayed by the amount of illegal dumping and he called on offenders to eradicate this behaviour.

“This rubbish that is polluting and damaging our stunning natural areas comes from the community,” Mayor Dempsey said.

“It’s great to see that it has now been cleaned up, but residents need to take more responsibility for the rubbish ending up there in the first place.

“The only way to ensure our environment is protected is to make sure all waste is disposed of appropriately.”

Ocean Crusaders
Ocean Crusaders find all sorts of rubbish along the river and creek embankments.

Cr Honor thanked Ocean Crusaders for their work and for engaging the community.

“It was evident during this process that Ocean Crusaders share a true passion for the environment,” he said.

“They undertook their work thoroughly and efficiently while ensuring there was minimal impact on the environment.

“It’s also incredibly positive to see them involving the community in their work and we look forward to seeing this continue when they return.”

Ocean Crusaders was awarded a contract to clean up Bundaberg Regional Council waterways and spearhead a community effort to keep local waterways clean.

If anyone witnesses, or has any information about, illegal dumping they are encouraged to contact Council on 1300 883 699.

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