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Bundaberg Now weekend sports report

In this week's Bundaberg Now Weekend Sports Report we look at results in Hockey, AFL, football, and junior rugby league.

All Blacks will chase four straight Bundaberg Hockey men’s titles in the grand final this week after outgunning Raiders/Rovers 3-0 in the semi-finals on Saturday.

All Blacks put their stamp on the game with a goal in the first quarter, then struck a major blow with Will Barritt scoring on the stroke of half-time, and while Raiders/Rovers continued to compete strongly throughout, there was no way back and the men in black went right on with the job.

Weekend sports report: Nathan McGill goes on the attack for All Blacks Hockey in their men’s semi-final win over Raiders/Rovers
Weekend sports report: Nathan McGill goes on the attack for All Blacks in their men’s semi-final win over Raiders/Rovers

All Blacks’ only other win for the day was in under-13, where Kalen Wilke bagged all four goals in a 4-0 shut-out of Arrows/Athletics.

Arrows were on target in under-16 with Ben Smith firing in a hat-trick to lead them to a 6-2 blitz of All Blacks.

Raiders/Rovers will be represented in the hockey grand finals after their women advanced as the higher placed team on the ladder after battling out a tough scoreless draw with Arrows.

In the weekend sports report for AFL, Across The Waves Eagles look set to claim the seniors minor premiership after Jason Bethune racked up five goals in a 13.10 (88) to 10.8 (68) penultimate round victory over reigning premiers Bay Power.

By the win and Hervey Bay Bombers’ victory over a much improved Brothers Bulldogs 10.11 (71) to 6.5 (41), Power, Eagles and Bombers are on equal points heading into next Saturday’s last round.

While Power have a narrow advantage in terms of percentages, they play Bombers in what is certain to be a tight contest, while the Eagles can claim top spot and direct passage to the grand final with an expected big win over Bulldogs.

In Bundaberg Junior Rugby League, just one under-18 game was played due to a Hervey Bay forfeit to leaders Wests Panthers, while Wallaroos shored up second position by beating a brave Waves Tigers 24-16.

In the younger age groups, Brothers staked a claim for the under-14 minor premiership with a Blake Powter double clinching them a 14-6 win at the expense of Waves in an epic duel.

In the Football Wide Bay Premier League, Bingera remain on top despite suffering their first loss, going down at home to Across The Waves 1-0.

United Park Eagles (UPE) powered on at the head of Ladies League affairs with Taryn Gollshewsky and Sophie Zipf each snaring three goals in a 10-0 white-wash of Waves.

Here are all the scores for the weekend sports report:

Hockey Bundaberg

Semi-final results:


Waves Cities 2 (Sophie Aitkenhead 2) defeated Raiders Rovers 0


All Blacks 4 (Kalen Wilke 4) defeated Arrows Athletics 0


Arrows Athletics 6 (Ben Smith 3, Damon Pegg 1, Liam Taske 1, Sam Kenny 1) defeated All Blacks 2 (Isaac Wales 2)


Raiders Rovers 0 drew with Arrows Athletics 0 – Raiders Rovers proceed through to the Grand Final as highest on the points table.


All Blacks 3 (Tristan Turner 1, William Barritt 1, Isaac Wales 1) defeated Raiders Rovers 0

ALF Wide Bay


Across The Waves (ATW) 5.2, 7.7, 11.8, 13.10 (88) defeated Bay Power 3.0, 6.0, 8.2, 10.8 (68)

ATW – Goal Kickers: J. Bethune 5, P. Power 3, M. Sommer Liverton 2, B. Wright, D. Wood, R. Paterson. Best Players: R. Paterson, P. Power, J. Bethune, N. Van Eekeren, C. Woodrow, K. Wagstaff

Bay Power – Goal Kickers: J. Stothard 2, J. Fredericks 2, K. Clark 2, M. Schlein 2, A. Mason, M. Antoney. Best Players: G. Krohn, M. Antoney, D. McGreevy, J. Wheeler, M. Schlein, D. Alexander

Hervey Bay 2.4, 4.7, 10.10, 10.11 (71) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 1.0, 3.1, 3.2, 6.5 (41).

Hervey Bay – Goal Kickers: G. Hayles 4, L. Hodgetts 4, T. Baldwin 2

Brothers Bulldogs – Goal Kickers: T. Taylor 2, C. Crowther, G. Webb, D. Keam, A. Rendell


Bay Power 4.3, 8.7, 10.11, 11.15 (81) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 0.0, 0.0, 2.1, 3.2 (20)

Bay Power – Goal Kickers: K. Bugeja 4, N. Lees 3, C. Hurry 2, J. Sunderland, C. Miles.

Best Players: K. Bugeja, N. Lees, R. McCormack, C. Miles, D. Sylvester, J. Agius

Brothers Bulldogs – Goal Kickers: R. McKeown, J. Hosford.

Maryborough 4.2, 4.3, 5.7, 7.9 (51) defeated Across The Waves 0.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8 (14 0

Maryborough – Goal Kickers: J. Gouge 4, Z. Brunton 3. Best Players: J. Gouge, Z. Brunton, H. Bidois, Z. Willis, M. Epstein, J. Donaldson

ATW – Goal Kickers: K. Perry. Best Players: K. Fagan, J. Walker, D. Foggo, T. Jater, T. Laycock, A. Penney


Across The Waves 1.2, 4.3, 6.9, 7.11 (53) defeated Bay Power 1.0, 2.1, 3.1, 6.2 (38)

ATW – Goal Kickers: H. Schneider 3, T. Nunn 2, C. Davis, L. Wyatt. Best Players: N. Creighton, H. Gardiner, M. Jonsson-Harlacz, T. Burchard, C. Davis, T. Nunn

Bay Power – Goal Kickers: M. Antoney 3, R. Craig 2, N. McCarthy


Bay Power 10.8 (68) defeated Across The Waves 2.5 (17).

Hervey Bay Bombers 13.10 (79) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 3.1 (19).


Hervey Bay Bombers Black 6.4 (40) defeated Bay Power 0.4 (4).

Hervey Bay Bombers Red 11.9 (75) defeated Brothers Bulldogs 4.3 (27).

Football Bundaberg

Wide Bay Premier League

KSS Jets defeated Doon Villa on forfeit

ATW 1 (S Meyer) defeated Bingera 0.

Granville 3 (S Thomsen, J Bulmer, K Birt) drew Diggers 3 (A Stout 2, J Barlow).

UPE 2 (B Davis, R Hunter) defeated Bargara 0.

BAV 2 (J Bennier, M Stayte) defeated Sunbury 0.

Wide Bay League 2

Tinana 7 defeated Granville 2.

United Warriors 1 defeated Bargara 0.

SC Corinthians 5 (H Slater 3, J Lunnon 2) defeated Sunbury Blues 0.


UPE Black 2 (J Pym, H Mahon) defeated ATW 1 (T Dee).

UPE White 6 (N Maas 6) defeated Diggers 2 (O McDonald, A Stout).

BAV 4 (J Sommer 2, M Williams) defeated SC Corinthians 0.


Diggers 5 (H Walk 2, C Watson 2, K Havers) defeated SC Corinthians Lionesses 0.

UPE Black 7 (T Stumer 4, K Brisbane 3) defeated ATW Saints 0.

Bargara 2 (Z Killen, A Nielsen) defeated Bingera Cutters 1 (S Tanner).

UPE 10 (T Gollshewsky 3, S Zipf 3, B Harrington 2, L Haster, Z Haster) defeated ATW 0.

Bingera 2 (S Tanner, H Sparozvich) defeated ATW United 0.


UPE 11 (L Darcy 3, W Bath 3, D Heycox, A Ulahannan 2, L Drew, A Davidson) defeated SC Corinthians Gladiators 0.

UPE White 4 (F Bath 2, T Ash, D Banks) defeated ATW United 2 (L Brown, F Murphy).

ATW Rangers 11 (P Cox 7, J Arriola 3, N Mason) defeated UPE Purple 0.


ATW Saints 10 (B Schubel 4, R Korner 3, A Palmer 2, R Hack) defeated Diggers 1 (I Lamberton).

UPE 17 (F Bath 5, H Nasso 5, A Markey 2, M Cooper 2, D McCord, T Ferguson, T Ash) defeated Bargara 0.


UPE Black 11 (X Ulbl 6, M Joyce 2, M Cooper, H Nguyen, C Palmer) defeated GIN 0.

ATW Saints 4 (M Grima 2, T Giovannoni 2) defeated SC Corinthians 3 (K Irwin 2, S Quinn).

Bingera 6 (E Radel 3, T Jordan-Richards, E McKeown, T Kaplan) defeated BAV 0.

UPE White 5 (L Loudon 5) defeated Diggers 0.

Bundaberg Junior Rugby League


Wallaroos 24 (Ethan Ballard 2, Seth Laherty, Tom Colvin tries; Tom Colvin 4 goals) defeated Waves Tigers 16 (Joel Cox 2, Folau Havili tries; Joel Cox 2 goals).

Wests Panthers defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls on forfeit


Wallaroos 30 (Justin Sinnett 2, Liam Doolan, Samual Manski, Bailey Mills tries; Noah Dawson 5 goals) defeated Brothers 22 (Bradley Shorter, Lane Crossley-Price tries).

Hervey Bay Seagulls 18 (Kyan Moustakas, Zack Wellington, Kyle Ross, Toby Jackson tries; Michael Cross goal) defeated Bundaberg Grizzlies 16 (Trey Kerr, Bryden Blair, Harrison Brough tries; Zander Kerr 2 goals).


Hervey Bay Seagulls 22 (Robert Borsboom 2, Kayleb Angeles, Raiden Schocker Ryan tries; Dane Blanke 2, Eden Wheeler goals) defeated Wests Panthers 18 (Shoeb Abdul 2, Nathan Coney tries; Ryan Bugeja 3 goals)

Brothers (Ethan Brennan 3, Ezekiel Monckton 2, Mitchell Sly, Ben Toft, Izak Cochrane, Zander Evans, Matthew Smith tries; Ezekiel Monckton 6 goals) defeated Easts Magpies 4 (Bailee Turner try).


Wests Panthers 18 (Cooper Black 2, Jack Conway, Dominic Bunyoung tries; Daniel Jones goal) defeated Hervey Bay Seagulls 8 (Boedie Dwight, Noah Douglas-Denduck tries).

Brothers 14 (Blake Powter 2, Joseph Doyle tries; Dawson Hess goal) defeated Waves Tigers 6 (Jarrod Warren try, Sebastyn Brennan goal).

Sports report: Tom Morcom makes another attacking raid for Waves Tigers in their under-14 showdown with Brothers
Weekend sports report: Tom Morcom makes another attacking raid for Waves Tigers in their under-14 showdown with Brothers

Hervey Bay Seagulls 78 (Braidan Houliston 5, Tanner Worthington 2, Tatem Henke 2 tries; Michael Parsgaard 9 goals) defeated Waves Tigers 8 (Jack Howarth 2 tries).

Easts Magpies 30 (Thomas-James Webb, Riley Maule, Oscar Dotter, Charlie Keech-Reeves, Zac Blanch, James Goodman-Jones tries; Joshua Garland 2, Ryan Charteris goals) defeated Wests Panthers 14 (Johnathon Coyne 2, Dylan Vickery tries; Darnell Saunders goal)

Brothers 50 (Isaac Barrett 3, Oliver Smith 2, Jomar Gustilo 2, Ryan Bohl, Toby Collins tries; Jomar Gustilo 4, Isaac Barrett, Ryan Bohl, Toby Collins goals) defeated Wallaroos 6 (Lachlan Nitschinsk try & goal).

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