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Rejuvenate grass with The Lawn Lab

The Lawn Lab
The Lawn Lab's Travis Savage uses a dethatcher to remove accumulated dead and living grass to ensure the lawn is left looking its best and healthy again within weeks.

Got a problem with patchy grass, who do you call? Travis Savage from The Lawn Lab should be on your list.

Travis isn’t your average lawn-mowing man. He prides himself on professional lawn care and he's there to help renovate grass just in time for the warmer weather.

Travis said after finding a niche in the local market for lawn care he jumped at the opportunity to start The Lawn Lab earlier this year, and now he is run off his feet helping locals keep their grass looking lush.

The father-of-two said people in the Bundaberg Region take pride in having great lawns, whether it's the backyard or the front.

“It’s become very popular now to take care of your lawn,” he said.

“Everyone wants to have the nicest lawn in their street; there’s a lot of pride that goes into looking after it.”

Travis said he had spent 10 years redefining and maintaining his own lawn before realising his passion could help benefit others in the region.

“I really love lawn care, I’m not just someone who comes to mow your lawn, my target is to ensure people get the best out of their lawn with professional care,” he said.

“For me I wake up in the morning thinking about lawn renovations – it’s constantly on my mind.”

Travis said the satisfaction he received knowing he was able to turn a brown backyard or dead lawn into something that is lush and green, and the envy of others, was all he needed to keep him going at The Lawn Lab.

The Lawn Lab
The Lawn Lab's Travis Savage loves making lawns look good.

Spruce up your lawn in spring

Travis said during spring is the perfect time for people to take a look at their lawns and set plans in place to ensure grass growth and performance is maintained and ready for summer.

“Now is the ideal time for lawn renovations,” he said.

“Regular mowing and deep watering once a week can be key to giving you the best lawn in the street.

“It’s best to water your lawn once a week before 10am for up to an hour.

“Sometimes I see people who say they water their lawn every two to three days for short periods, and that doesn’t benefit the grass at all, it can actually be quite detrimental.

“The deep, longer watering lets the water go deeper into the soil and then the roots will also go deeper, leaving a deep-rooted healthy grass.

“One of the worst things you can do is shallow constant watering.”

The Lawn Lab
Travis Savage from The Lawn Lab makes grass look good.

A handy hint from The Lawn Lab

Travis said there were budgets for all types of lawn lovers, and a simple way to give your lawn the chance to be the finest lawn in town was to keep up with fertilising.

“Grab some good-quality, slow-release fertiliser for the start of every season,” he said.

“These will last the 12 weeks and really go a long way to helping keep your lawn healthy.”

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