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Gin Gin student art reflects Our New World

Gin Gin State High School
Students at Gin Gin State High School will exhibit work at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery reflecting the year of COVID.

Gin Gin State High School students are exhibiting artwork at the Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery reflecting their year of change.

Due to COVID-19 disruptions, students have been confronted with multiple social issues which influenced their artwork over the course of the year.

Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery manager Suzanne Robinson said the exhibition addressed issues faced by students this year in multiple creative ways. 

“Because this year has been such a disruptive year, the teacher has been working on enabling students to express how this year has affected them,” Suzanne said.

“Every student goes through this change moving from childhood to adulthood and going out into the world and I’d say it’s been amplified for them this year.

“From masks addressing a dystopian future with hints towards COVID, to digital art addressing mental illnesses and climate change, it’s a deep insight into the lives of students.”

Aptly called “Our New World” the exhibition is set to open in early October and the variety of work brings to light the challenges faced by students in their final year of schooling.

Suzanne said the gallery often exhibits work from local schools.

“We have for the last four years put on an exhibition with the local schools and this year its chosen that the Year 12 class will be exhibiting,” she said.

“As a community gallery it’s truly important that all the different schools have a place to exhibit and we try to be as inclusive as possible as the gallery becomes a representation of what our community can be.”

The Gin Gin Courthouse Gallery is at 80a Mulgrave Street Gin Gin, open Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 4pm.