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Mzaza brings workshop and performance to Moncrieff

Mzaza Moncrieff Entertainment Centre
Two-time Queensland Music Award winners Mzaza have emerged from lockdown with a brand-new studio album and riveting theatre show called The Birth and Death of Stars.

Sounds of the world will come together at Moncrieff Entertainment Centre as gypsy band Mzaza take to the stage for The Birth and Death of Stars tour.

The audience will be captivated by the Mzaza as they perform their third album, The Birth and Death of Stars, which is heavily influenced by Balkan music.

Violinist Greta Kelly said Balkan tunes included uneven rhythms and intricate ornaments.

Their performance will showcase the individual instruments as the violin is influential and the percussion is tribal, and the guitar strings are plucked with refreshing tones.  

Mzaza will perform at Moncrieff Entertainment Centre in October.

Along with their evening performance they will also hold a workshop for instrumental students in the Bundaberg Region during the day.

Greta said it would be the band’s first time in the Bundaberg Region and they looked forward to the instrumental workshop, that would open students up to world and folk music.

Greta Kelly describes the workshops as a chance for local musicians to explore their artistic identity, develop music skills, share knowledge, celebrate their culture and collaborate with other local artists.

“We are really excited to hold the workshop as we know Bundaberg has a great strings program with lots of talented students,” she said.

“Normally we would also have vocal workshops, but because of COVID-19 restrictions we can’t, but we are keen to work with instrumental students – opening their ears to the different sounds of world music.

“We enjoy doing the workshops when we tour, especially in the regional areas.”

Mzaza music reflects on band’s background

The sextet formed in Brisbane and is celebrating their 16th year together, with band members coming from Bosnia, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, France and Australia.

Driven by their eclectic backgrounds and European influences the members of Mzaza, playing accordion, violin, shah Kaman, percussion, double-bass and guitar, will take you on a musical ride built on exotic rhythms.

It will be the first live show at Moncrieff Entertainment Centre on 22 October, and the first tour for Mzaza, since COVID-19 restrictions eased.

Mzaza used the time during the COVID-19 restrictions to create a theatrical production, that will entertain with both sight and sound.

“It’s really a musical show – theatrical, with visuals from a Belgium animator,” Greta said.

“Along with a mix of a broad range of music.

“Drawing inspiration from astronomy, philosophy and Greek mythology, The Birth and Death of Stars explores what links us to each other and the world around us in ways that are poetic, moving and oftentimes dipped in humour.”

Tickets for The Birth and Death of Stars tour at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre are on sale now.

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