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New retail Maki Shop to open at Stockland

Maki Shop
The Nardoo Team propagates and prepares indoor and outdoor plants that will be available at Maki Shop.

The Maki Shop store will come to life and offer a new retail experience on Thursday, 8 October at Stockland Bundaberg.

Maki Shop is a not-for-profit offering products that will inspire people to make, learn and grow.

Forged by a passion for makers, artists, social innovators and environmentally conscious small businesses, Maki Shop focuses on high quality Australian designed, made and grown products.

Selling everything from indoor plants, pots and gardening kits to locally designed electronics kits and jewellery, Maki Shop will be a showcase for Australian creativity and innovation.

By purchasing a Maki Shop product, a significant number of which are designed and made in the Wide Bay Burnett Region, people will be supporting small Australian creative and environmentally conscious businesses.

“We believe that by supporting local makers, artists and innovators we can help foster a vibrant creative ecosystem we can all be proud of,” said Community Lifestyle Support (CLS) chief executive Damien Tracey.

As soon as you walk into the Maki Shop you will begin a journey of discovery into the world of eclectic and meaningful gifts made with love, passion and heart.

Maki Shop a CLS social enterprise innovation

Maki Shop is an initiative of CLS Ability Enterprises (CLSAE), a not-for-profit charity started by local disability and allied health provider CLS.

The primary objective is to build a thriving inter-disciplinary hub for social innovation and entrepreneurship.

To achieve this objective CLSAE has started three not-for-profit social enterprises: Nardoo Nursery, Maki Print and Maki Space.

Nardoo Nursery is dedicated to improving people’s wellbeing by encouraging the use of indoor plants in both home and business environments.

The Nardoo team, made up of countless volunteers generously giving their time, propagates and prepares for sale a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants.

Maki Print is a not-for-profit social enterprise offering a wide variety of printing services throughout the Wide Bay Burnett Region.

Maki Print provides a complete commercial printing service including graphic design, high speed printing in a wide variety of formats, and a host of other custom print services.

Maki Space, an advanced manufacturing hub for designers and Makers, was made possible by the support of the Queensland Government, Bundaberg Regional Council, CQUniversity and countless other stakeholders.

Maki Space aims to provide the necessary equipment, technical expertise and staffing resources to promote education, collaboration, and development of innovative new products and services.

Maki Space regularly offers workshops designed to upskill the local Maker ecosystem in areas like 3D design, electronics, coding, CNC router and laser-based manufacturing, virtual reality and much much more.

Having built the Maki Space into a thriving hardware innovation hub recognised throughout the Queensland innovation ecosystem, it became clear that opening the Maki Shop was the next logical step in this journey.

Maki Shop provides creative industry growth

Having a skilled team CLSAE to work with creatives to amplify their product ideas through streamlining their production line is a significant opportunity.

“Working with artists across Central Queensland, I have seen a desire from artists to collaborate to make their products more commercially viable, eco-friendly and keep it as locally made as possible,” said Shelley Pisani, Director of Makers’ Shopfront.

“The Maki Print and Maki Space initiatives offer creatives in our region a unique opportunity to manufacture sustainable product ranges through to retailing opportunities at the Maki Shop. I can’t wait to experience where CLSAE will take us.”

Call into the Maki Shop at Stockland Bundaberg, located between OPSM and Mister Minit from next Thursday to purchase your locally designed, made and grown gift ideas.