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Overtaking lanes good news for highway users

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Dangerous sections of the Isis Highway have been identified for the installation of guard rails as an added safety measure.

Overtaking lanes are included in additional roadworks projects identified for the Bruce and Isis Highways within the Bundaberg Region.

The works include overtaking lanes and intersection upgrades on the Bruce Highway to the north of Booyal and a guard rail installation on a section of the Isis Highway west of Childers.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) said the overtaking lanes would be constructed to the north and south of the Tim Fischer Bridge on the Bruce Highway in the general vicinity of Wallaville.

A department spokesperson said northbound and southbound overtaking lanes will be constructed between Mixhills Road and Walla Island Road north of Booyal.

A southbound passing lane is planned between Clarke Innes Road and Mittlehausers Road on the Gin Gin side of the Burnett River.

Significant intersection upgrades and realignments are also scheduled in conjunction with the overtaking lanes work. Roads affected will include Inskips Road; McLennan Drive; Martin Road and a service road off Clarke Innes Road.

The contract for the work is expected to go to tender later this year with the TMR to liaise with affected property owners once the contract has been awarded.

The Australian Government has allocated $22.7 million under the Bruce Highway Overtaking Lane Program to construct the overtaking lanes along this section of the Bruce Highway.

An additional $5.73 million has been allocated under the Bruce Highway Safety Package ($4.59 million Australian Government and $1.14 million Queensland Government) for the safety and intersection upgrades.

Work on the guard rails being installed on the Isis Highway between Childers and Dallarnil at Kullogum was scheduled to commence this week and is expected to be finalised by the end of the month.

The project is being rolled out as part of the State Government’s Targeted Road Safety Program, which delivers high-benefit, cost-effective solutions to address known and potential crash locations.

This latest work comes on top of an announced $40 million in road upgrades on the Isis Highway between Bundaberg and Childers including a $20.34 million Bruce Highway project currently underway between Childers and Apple Tree Creek.

Works are generally being conjointly funded by the State and Federal Governments.

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