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Flood levee would reduce insurance premiums

The Bundaberg East Flood Levee and says it may lead to lower premiums.
Suncorp has welcomed the Premier's commitment of $42.5 million for the Bundaberg East Flood Levee and says it will help to lower insurance premiums.

Insurer Suncorp has welcomed Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk's commitment of $42.5 million towards the Bundaberg East Flood Levee and says it will likely lead to lower premiums.

Suncorp's executive manager for public policy Joshua Cooney told ABC Wide Bay that bipartisan support from both State parties and the Federal Government was needed to deliver the $80 million project.

“The devastating effects of Cyclone Oswald are still etched clearly in a lot of people's memories,” Mr Cooney said.

“Millions of dollars of repair bills were ultimately paid and there was a lot of heartbreak as well.

“If we can avoid that through good effective mitigation such as this Bundaberg East Flood Levee then it's a worthwhile investment.”

Bundaberg Region Mayor Jack Dempsey welcomed Suncorp’s confirmation that insurance premiums will reduce if the levee is built.

“Flood mitigation measures are needed to boost investor confidence, give people peace of mind and keep the community safe,” he said.

“We don’t want a repeat of what happened in 2013.

“The State Government has undertaken extensive consultation and received expert advice from world-class engineers in deciding on the best options, including the Bundaberg East levee.”

Experts say the levee would protect houses, businesses and community assets such as the Bundaberg East State School and Meals on Wheels.

In September, Bundaberg Regional Council identified implementation of the 10-year Flood Action Plan as one of its State Election advocacy priorities.

Mr Cooney commended Council on its leadership.

“We don't just welcome the Queensland Government's funding commitment,” he said.

“We have to give full credit to the local council and Mayor Jack Dempsey.

“This is a great example of the local community taking control of its risk management and presenting a compelling case that different levels of government come to the party and fund a very important project for Bundaberg.”

Mr Cooney said disaster mitigation was the smartest investment governments can make.

“Typically, these large projects are funded through multiple levels of government and of course we would encourage the Federal Government and the local Federal Member to get behind this project,” he said.  

“It's a much-needed project for Bundaberg and if you look at the basic fundamental principles of government it is all about protecting its citizens.

“What better way to protect the citizens of Bundaberg than putting in a levee that will that avoid a lot of heartbreak.

“We don't really mind how the levee is built or who builds it.

“We think it's a project that stacks up, will greatly reduce the flood risk in Bundaberg and we want it to be a bipartisan project that is ultimately supported by both sides of politics.



  1. As a resident currently on the wrong side of the levee and a member of our anti levee group, I would like to inform Mr. Cooney that these so called world class engineers have never been able to satisfactorily answer any of our pertinent questions in relation to the benefits and or construction details since the proposal was first mooted in June 2018
    I would also like to ask Mr Cooney just how many insurance premiums he expects to be reduced and will the residents in areas not protected by the wall have their premiums increased, as a result of more water being pushed their way.
    There needs to be much more independent investigation and consultation on this proposal before I am convinced that this wall will not cause increased damage elsewhere in Bundaberg.

  2. And where do they think the water will go if there is a levee on the south side, it will increase flooding on the north side.

  3. Don’t hold your breath. Anna Palaszczuk will have resigned before anything happens They must think we are all stupid

  4. Yes I can only imagine that the waters will spread further into the Northside Flooding previously flood free areas. Just don,t build in the natural riverbed.

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