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End of an era as curtain calls on last video store

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E-Time's entire collection is for sale after owner Karen Ford made the difficult decision to close its doors.

Owners of Bundaberg’s last video store E-Time have made the difficult decision to close its doors and are now selling their entire collection.

The store has long been an entertainment staple for residents, many of whom would remember it as the original Civic Video at Olsen’s Corner before it rebranded for its move to Targo Street.

Owner Karen Ford said it was sad to see the shop close but it had been a wonderful experience over the four years she had owned it.

“I’ve never run a video store before and it was a seven-day-a-week business,” Karen said.

“It was a little bit hard at first, but I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Karen said a lack of new release DVDs was the final straw.

“We’ve held on for a year more than we probably should have,” she said.

“I just wanted to keep it for the community as long as I could.”

However a lack of interest from the community wasn’t a factor with “hundreds” of regular customers.

“We’ve got really great, loyal customers,” she said.

“It’s actually really sad. Some people just feel like the video experience to walk in, pick it up and read the back.

“We put it up on Facebook and we’ve had some really nice messages from people.

“It’s just got to the stage where I just can’t keep it up.”

Now the video store’s entire collection is for sale.

“We’re not hiring anymore, we’re just selling,” Karen said.

video store
E-Time, Bundaberg's last video store, is closing.

Karen looks back on her E-Time venture with fondness.

“I’ve had the most wonderful staff all the way through, so loyal and supportive,” she said.

“Honestly, we didn’t think we’d get more than 12 months out of it.”

Having always been a “movie buff” Karen also enjoyed being one of the video store’s best customers.

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