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Bundaberg weekend sports roundup

weekend sports roundup
Bingera's Shane Youngberry is tracked by Across The Waves' Matt Twyford in their Football Wide Bay Premier League clash at Martens Oval on Saturday

Gary O’Donnell and Daniel Watson each bagged doubles as Bingera signed off on the Wide Bay Premier League championship with a 4-1 victory over Across The Waves (ATW) in a typical battle royale in their last-round clash at Martens Oval on Saturday night.

But Gary had to share the Leading Goal Scorer honour for the blue riband division with United Park Eagles (UPE)’s Josh Adcock, who picked up three goals in a 10-0 white-wash of Bargara on the next field at the same time, each finishing with 20.

Bingera and UPE will now meet in the 1v4 semi-final this Saturday, while ATW, who slipped to third, will take on Brothers-Aston Villa (BAV) in the 2v3 semi after the Villains defeated Sunbury 3-0 in Maryborough.

Meanwhile, a double to UPE young gun Tommy Terlier in a 3-3 draw with United Warriors in Wide Bay League 2 was enough to win him the scoring honour in that competition, taking his tally to 28, two more than SC Corinthians teen talent Hayden Slater.

In the Bundaberg Men’s grade, Jesse Sommer notched a double as League champions BAV warmed up for the finals with a 4-0 shut-out of UPE White, also taking his season haul to 24 in 17 games, three more than UPE goal machine Nick Maas, who achieved his haul in just seven matches.

Unbeaten Ladies League champions UPE did not play on Friday due to a Bargara forfeit but their dual Commonwealth Games Australian Discus representative Taryn Gollshewsky hung on to the Goal Scorer No 1 with 35, one more than ATW’s Tayla Zielke.

Semi-finals were played in all four competitive junior age divisions on Saturday and there were no surprises with the league champions successful across the board.

In cricket, Betta Heat could not repeat their first-up victory in the Aussie Bundy Big Bash, falling two runs short to Searle’s RV Centre Vikings in a low-scoring affair.

Meanwhile in the Rum City Foods Division 1 T20 competition, Waves maintained their perfect record and sealed their place in this Sunday’s grand final prior to Saturday’s last two rounds with a tough victory over Norths with captain Luke Owen leading from the front with 2-28 and an unbeaten 44.

weekend sports roundup
Waves captain Luke Owen hits the bowling crease in his match-winning double against Norths in the Division 1 T20 competition at Salter Oval on Saturday

East Bundy Magpies moved into second place with methodical wins over Norths and Hervey Bay, while Brothers thrashed Hervey Bay.

The Magpies will meet Brothers in the early round this Saturday needing a big win and for Brothers to also lose heavily to Waves in the afternoon round when Easts have the bye, to see whether they progress to the final or the Brethren edge them out.

It was a tough weekend on the road with short numbers for the Bundaberg men and women in their Basketball ConocoPhillips Central Queensland Cup double-header, with the Bulls trampled by Mackay 109-37 and Rockhampton 109-29, and the Bears beaten 94-61 and 71-54 respectively.

Brandi Leal top scored for the Bears in both their games with 13 and 21 respectively.

Reigning Bundaberg Rugby League A Grade Player of the Year Matt Craven racked up 22 points with two tries, three conversions and two penalties as the Renegades ambushed Turtles Brothers 37-22 in the third round of the Rugby Bundaberg Elders Insurance Spring Cup.

But the biggest winners on the night were Wests Barbarians, who inflicted reigning champions Fraser Coast Mariners first loss since they joined the competition last season, running out 29-25 winners, thanks to a penalty try.

Andrew Filo was Barbarians’ best, including kicking four penalties and one conversion, while other stand-outs included brothers Tom and John Akers and Jack Roelofs, with great support from one of their try scorers, Josh Batten.

Weekend sports roundup results:

Basketball Bundaberg

ConocoPhillips Central Queensland Cup Round 2:

Men: MACKAY METEORS 109 (Mitchell Gamblin 23, Lukass Bilcavs 14) d BUNDABERG BULLS 37 (Aiden Potter 12); ROCKHAMPTON ROCKETS 109 (Hayden Richardson 24, Jared Blanchard 22) d BUNDABERG BULLS 29 (Khobie Redgard 13, Aiden Potter 10).

Women: MACKAY METEORETTES 94 (Denesha Bobongie 30, Naomi Cage 16) d BUNDABERG BEARS 61 (Brandi Leal 13, Ashleigh Frampton 12, Shelby Cass 11, Grayson Taylor 10); ROCKHAMPTON CYCLONES 71 (Tori Rouse 21, Katrina Clifford 13) d BUNDABERG BEARS 54 (Brandi Leal 21, Ashleigh Bailey 14).

Cricket Bundaberg

AUSSIE BUNDY BIG BASH: SEARLE’S RV CENTRE VIKINGS 5-115 (Damien McRae 29no) d BETTA HEAT 6-113 (Hayden Pope 42no, Trent Seeds 2-20).

DIVISION 1 T20 – ROUND 7: BROTHERS 5-176 (Mitch Parsons 82no, Jarrod Laycock 65,Troy Beckton 2-35) d HERVEY BAY 97 (Lewis Williams 97, Lachlan Smith 28, Dean Krebs 4-16, Andy Porter 2-22); EAST BUNDY MAGPIES 8-133 (Arden Lankowski 31, Lennon Childs 25, Alex Turner 3-29, Damian Turner 2-24) d NORTHS 7-115 (Blyton Prendergast 44, Chris Napper 32, Dale Steele 2-29).

ROUND 8: EAST BUNDY MAGPIES 8-139 (Chris Baker 47, Jesse Riley 2-20, John Kosmidis 2-23, Justin Frohling) d HERVEY BAY 7-126 (Justin Frohling 29, Troy Ignatenko 29, John Kosmidis 25, Kassidy Pollitt 3-17); WAVES 7-124 (Luke Owen 44no, Shannon Smith 3-15, Laird McKay 2-2) d NORTHS 6-122 (Chris Napper 47no, Callum Neubecker 2-19, Luke Owen 2-28).

DIVISION 2: EAST BUNDY MAGPIES 3-218 (David Bonser 90, Chris Baker 39no, Shane Fishlock 31, Dylan Heycox 2-17) d BROTHERS 5-213 (Jack Gray 100no, Andy Porter 25, Martin Green 2-41);  WAVES 8-227 (Kyle Stallan 55, Brad Blackburn 31, Matt Fleming 29, Shaun Pinney 2-26, Harley Denton 2-40, Sumesh Jose 2-43) d NORTHS 151 (Dan Hunt 30, Damian Turner 29, Lachlan Modrow 4-35, Jack Munro 2-14, Matt Fleming 2-15).

DIVISION 3 T20 – ROUND 7: WAVES 4-83 (Ruben Challacombe 2-21) d ISIS 82 (Robert Bailey-Rasmussen 3-17, Josh Wormington 2-14); EAST BUNDY MAGPIES 2-77 (Evan McLean 36no) d BROTHERS 76 (Arty Richardson 4-6, John Richardson 3-10).

ROUND 8: WAVES 1-129 (Sean Stuchbery 93no) d YMCA 9-125 (Scott Rub 3-19, Josh Wormington 2-12, Nick Catasti 2-17); ISIS 2-109 (Josh Manitzky 48no, Adrian Goddard 28) d BROTHERS 5-106 (Ruben Challacombe 2-11).

UNDER-16: WAVES 5-136 (S Stuchbery 34, L Hamilton 34, T Stumer 30, L Rice 2-22) d NORTHS MARYBOROUGH 111 (N Jenner 44, T Staines 3-19, B Coates 2-11); BROTHERS PUMAS 9-156 (T Lamond 54, O Boge 25, C Rehbein 3-14, J Rehbein 2-13, J Santacaterina 2-24) d ISIS EASTS 4-155 (J Rehbein 57, C Rehbein 33no, J Santacaterina 25, H Gardiner 2-16); YMCA 2-201 (D Van Rooyen 53no, R Felstead 26) d HERVEY BAY COLTS 9-120 (C Baker 30, K Singh 5-13, L Woodward 2-15, T Chadwick 2-16).

UNDER-14: MARYBOROUGH 4-163 (G Collins 32no) d ISIS EASTS 127 (R Santacaterina 34, L Nitschinsk 4-24, G Collins 2-25); BROTHERS MUSTANGS 5-146 (T Lamond 47, M Geldard 3-14) d HERVEY BAY COLTS 90 (Simon Millett 3-2, Sean Millett 2-0, P Gardner 2-1); WAVES 4-207 (L Henry 53no, J Munro 36no, N Hensel 25no, T Coates 25) d NORTHS MUNTZ MARAUDERS 32 (C Jay 3-9, J Sydes 2-3, L Henry 2-3).

JUNIOR CRICKET 2: NORTHS TAIPANS 7-177 (T Elphinstone 24) d WAVES 5-174 (A Stuchbery 47, N Delacy 43no, B Wilkinson 2-8, S Juster 2-14); NORTHS MAROONS 6-199 (B Donnison 44, T Kapernick 28no) d BROTHERS EVERESTS 71 (J Bauer 15no, T Kapernick 4-4); ISIS EASTS 6-169 (X Childs 31no, A Webster 29no, R Needer 2-17, Z Hamel 2-22) d NORTHS BUNDY POWER 162 (F Jenner 47, W Fletcher 41, P Boase 2-15).

Football Bundaberg

WIDE BAY PREMIER LEAGUE: DIGGERS 4 (Nathan Freeman, Ken Thompson, Clint Collins, Bailey Kruger) d GRANVILLE 2 (K Rye-Jensen, L Reinikka); BINGERA 4 (Gary O’Donnell 2, Daniel Watson 2) d ATW 1 (Myles Jacobsen); UPE 10 (Josh Adcock 3, Jake Davis 2, Justin Ryan, J Harding, Jacob Fripp, Brendan Davis, Tom Terlier) d BARGARA 0; BAV 3 (James Stromquist, Nick Chatfield, Jake Brough) d SUNBURY 0. Points: Bingera 48, BAV 42, ATW 38, UPE 36, Sunbury 21, KSS Jets 19, Granville 13, Bargara 12, Diggers 10.

WIDE BAY LEAGUE 2: ATW d SUNBURY on forfeit; UPE 3 (Tommy Terlier 2, Roger Hunter) drew UNITED WARRIORS 3 (S Hill 2, A Cullen); SC CORINTHIANS 5 (Jarman Grigg 2, Josh Lunnon, Bailey Brown, Craig Brown) d GRANVILLE 0; DOON VILLA d BARGARA on forfeit; TINANA 3 (L Parry 2, M Worth) d BINGERA 1 (Jake Coros). Points: UPE 45, ATW 42, SC Corinthians 41, KSS Jets 39, Doon Villa 26, United Warriors 24, Bingera 24, Tinana 23, Sunbury Blues 12, Granville 6, Bargara 6.

MEN: BAV 4 (Jesse Sommer 2, Tom Martin, Josh McInnes) d UPE WHITE 0; UPE BLACK 1 (Akil Ulahannnan) d SC CORINTHIANS 0; ATWW 4 (Kurt Roberts, Josh Mason, Ralph Falabella, Declan Murphy) d DIGGERS 2 (Will Munckton, Andrew Stout). Points: BAV 44, UPE Black 37, UPE White 31, ATW 22, Diggers 18, SC Corinthians 2.

LADIES: BINGERA 4 (Sarah Tanner, Debbie Caldwell, Hayley Sparozvich, Emma Haack) d UPE BLACK 0; ATW 4 (Cecilia Hicks 2, Lily Thatcher, Korrin Stirrat) d SC CORINTHIANS LIONESSES 0; ATW SAINTS 1 (Ash Tye-Johnson) drew ATW UNITED 1 (Emma Trudgian); UPE d BARGARA ON FORFEIT. Points (prior to Diggers v ATW United clash Tuesday October 20): UPE 51, Bingera 43, ATW 37, Diggers 30, UPE Black 28, ATW United 18, Bargara 15, ATW Saints 12, Bingera Cutters 8, SC Corinthians Lionesses 4.

UNDER-16 – Semi-finals: ATW RANGERS 8 (Preston Cox 3, Nick Mason 2, Ryan Barrett 2, Zane Groves) d SC CORINTHIANS GLADIATORS 1 (Jacob Smits); UPE BLACK 2 (Will Bath, Ryder Markey) d ATW UNITED 1 (Ryan Royall).

UNDER-14 – Semi-finals: ATW HOT SPURS 6 (Zye Corey 4, Weston Giovannoni 2) d ATW SAINTS 1 (Ryan Hack); UPE 12 (Tyler Ash 3, Finlay Bath 3, Bailey Dawe 3, Henry Hirst 2, Harrison Nasso) d DIGGERS 0.

UNDER-13 – Semi-finals: UPE BLACK 3 (Xavier Ulbl, Matthew Joyce, Cohen Palmer) d UPE WHITE 0; ATW SAINTS 2 (Nathan Saffioti, Noah Briggs) d BINGERA 0.

UNDER-12 – Semi-finals: ATW HAMMERS 3 (Charlie Russell, Nathan Saffioti, Ben Kelly) d BINGERA 0; ATW UNITED 1 (Flynn Arnold) d BARGARA ASPIRE DOLPHINS 0.

Rugby Bundaberg

Elders Insurance Spring Cup Round 3: RB RENEGADES 37 (Matthew Craven 2, Liam Price, Sam Robinson tries; Matthew Craven 3 conversions & 2 penalties) d TURTLES BROTHERS 22 (Brendon McKeown, Jamie Turnbull, Josh Saua tries; Dylan Harradine-Hall conversion).

Wests Barbarians' Jack Roelofs is lifted high in a line-out in their Spring Cup showdown with Fraser Coast Mariners on Saturday

WESTS BARBARIANS 29 (Larry Akimu, Josh Batten tries; Penalty try; Andrew Filo 1 conversion & 4 penalties) d FRASER COAST MARINERS 25.