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Hole-in-one for LifeFlight at golf day

Lifeflight golf day
Bundaberg golfers have helped raise more than $25,000 for their local RACQ LifeFlight Rescue service.

Keen Bundaberg golfers have helped raise more than $25,000 for their local RACQ LifeFlight Rescue service at the first LifeFlight Golf Day.

Money raised at the event will suppoer the local LifeFlight base, including a dedicated parking area for visiting RACQ LifeFlight Rescue aircraft and upgraded ground protection at the aeromedical base’s refuelling facility.

The purpose-built parking area is vital to the streamlined care of RACQ LifeFlight Rescue’s patients.

Bundaberg RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Base Lead, Daniel Leggat, said the planned works will enable visiting LifeFlight aircraft to land as close to the hangar as possible.

“The RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters are always moving around the state to provide the best aeromedical care, to those who need it,” he said.

“Since the new aeromedical base opened in March, visiting RACQ LifeFlight Rescue aircraft have landed in Bundaberg more than 60 times to retrieve patients.

“The aircraft primarily come from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for inter-hospital transfers to the major centres.

“When necessary, aircraft from our southern bases will come to the Wide Bay region to retrieve patients and this new parking pad will help maintain the base, so we can continue to provide care to people in need long into the future.”

LifeFlight’s Wide Bay Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) Chair, Neil McPhillips, said the bumper fundraising event was a testament to the community.

“The vital service RACQ LifeFlight Rescue provides to the region is second-to-none and it’s clear that there is strong support here in Bundaberg and beyond,” he said.

“We know the Bundaberg chopper completed more than 300 missions last financial year but that doesn’t even take into account the out-of-town LifeFlight helicopters, which come to help locals in need, when necessary.

“The RAC is proud to champion this important service.”

Works are due to begin at the Bundaberg base in the coming weeks.