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Paradise Dam grower survey responses needed

Grower survey
Bundaberg Regional Council Executive Director economic development and strategic projects Ben Artup says the water demand survey takes just 30 minutes to complete.

Of the thousands of growers in the Bundaberg Irrigation Scheme just 100 have completed a critically important survey to identify future water demand for Paradise Dam.

Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers (BFVG) managing director Bree Grima urged growers to complete the survey.

“If ever there was one survey that the growers in this region need to fill out, this is it,” Bree said.

“If they’re sitting in their tractor and they’ve got the GPS guidance on that’s the time to jump on, fill it out.

“It takes around about half an hour but that’s the most important 30 minutes that they will have.”

Natural Capital Economics has been engaged by Building Queensland on behalf of Sunwater and the State Government to conduct the study that will inform the Paradise Dam business case.

“This information will be fed into the reports and then that’s essentially going to be determining what happens with that dam,” Bree said.

“We need that dam returned to full supply level.”

Grower survey responses needed

Bundaberg Regional Council executive director economic development and strategic projects Ben Artup said the grower survey results were concerning.

“We need all growers to fill that survey out now because the results will help build the case to secure water for our region,” Ben said.

“It’s critically important that that water is stored there and reserved for our region for the future so that when we grow that water is there, available for purchase, to underpin our economic security.

“If we don’t get that data the case that we need to restore Paradise Dam will be weaker.

“That will allow the State Government and Sunwater to argue that there’s no demand in Bundaberg for future water and then transfer the unsold water in Paradise Dam to other regions.”

He said the survey had only been released online which may have been a deterrent for some farmers.

“That’s why Council took the initiative to mail it out to 2500 letterboxes.

“We’re hoping in this last week of the survey while it’s open that growers will hear the message that they need to participate in this survey.”

Growers can take the survey online here or contact Council’s economic development team on 1300 883 699 to request a hardcopy.



  1. Perhaps the lack of people filling out paperwork is indicative of their confidence in the bureaucracy, and the lack of commitment from the current government to restore the dams capacity. Also, who knows how much water they will need from the dam? The weather will determine that.
    A bigger unknown is what future farming ventures won’t happen due to unsecured water resources.
    The people of bundaberg are also stakeholders, as the next major flood won’t have the Paradise dam to help stop the water. I took my yacht from the burnett and relocated it to another town after demolition of the major part of the wall started. The original business plan for the building of the dam should be relevant or more revelant today, unless it was a political dam of course. What was the justification and where is the documentation now ?
    To recap. If the size of the dam was warranted before why wouldn’t it be warranted now ?

  2. I’m not a grower but I support local farmers in the Wide Bay by buying their F&V so I totally agree that they should have the water they need now and for the security of their future. If the dam size was warranted when it was built, and there are now more local growers reliant on its water than back then, it makes no sense to reduce the dam’s capacity.

  3. Come on Wide Bay farmers. Please, without your input on the Paradise Dam we can’t go forward. Your say and your participation can bring a huge reaction to get the dam to full capacity again, which is to your credit. It is very important so please have your voice heard and fill out the paperwork and have your say! Without your voice there is no hope, so stand firm for your future.

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