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Mowing schedule changed to protect Rainbow Bee-eater

Rainbow Bee-eater
Council staff have updated their mowing schedule to protect Rainbow Bee-eater nesting sites

The coastal mowing schedule has been modified in recent months as Council staff accommodate Rainbow Bee-eater nesting sites to protect the birds and their young.

Supervisor Peter Kirby said the pretty little birds burrow their nests in the ground, making it dangerous to mow nearby.

After speaking with residents in the area to gain their cooperation, Peter revised the mowing schedule in the parkland near Palmers Creek, Innes Park, to protect the Rainbow Bee-eaters.

“They come back and nest here every year. I've been on the council now for 25 years, and we mow this area quite regularly,” Peter said.

“But through the period of the nesting time, usually between August and October, we try and avoid the area here.

“I have been liaising with some of the neighbours in the area and they're quite happy to let the grass get a little bit longer than usual in the nesting area.

“I’ve also spoken to our tractor operator and mower operators to avoid the area just so that the birds can have a good go at the nesting period between August and October.”

Growing up in the country gave Peter a healthy respect for wildlife and he said the decision was an easy one to make.

“I feel that we should do the right thing and protect these birds here and the nesting habitat,” he said.

“It’s only for three months of the year so I think that is a vital area that we should be looking after.”

Residents not only accepted the suggestion to keep grass longer but wholeheartedly supported the decision.

“I've spoken to a guy the other day and he says yes, he goes across the road and has a little bit of a look every morning at the birds.”

The staff will monitor the Rainbow Bee-eater nests and resume their usual maintenance schedule when the nesting season ends.



  1. So pleased to read that; in our street in Woodgate we watch the bee eaters diving to their nests on the ground each year – such beautiful little birds.

  2. This is such a great proactive initiative for a local council to make. Well done Bundy. More local councils should do the same

  3. We have quite a few pairs of bee eaters nesting in our alpaca paddocks at Welcome Creek this year, they are so pretty and we try not to disturb them.

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