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More room for emus after zoo upgrade

Emu enclsoure
Alexandra Park Zoo's two resident emus are looking forward to inhabiting their bigger suite.

Upgrades are under way at Alexandra Park Zoo to modify the emu enclosure which will give the large, flightless birds more space to roam.

To accommodate the refurbishment of the emu enclosure, which is shared by the parma and swamp wallabies, a small section of internal boardwalk will be removed and replaced with a viewing deck.

Zoo supervisor David Flack said the changes would give the emus access to an extra 60 square metres of enclosure space.

“With more usable space the emus will be able to move around a little more,” David said.

“The more space that we can give them the better.

“Increasing the enclosure will allow the emus to go about their natural behaviours and use the entire space.”

David said the emu enclosure was incredibly popular with zoo visitors and the upgrades would mean more viewing opportunities for both the emus and parma wallabies.

“We get quite a few questions about the booming noise that they make; they’re quite an interesting animal.

“We’ll be building a deck that will protrude into the enclosure which means residents won’t lose that experience of being up close and personal with the emus.

“This new arrangement will mean people will be able to get a little bit closer and see them enjoying open space.

“It also means that we’ll be able to landscape it a bit better to encourage the wallabies up to the top half which will allow the public to see them a bit more easily.

“We’ll include some more hollow logs and turf so that wallabies have more space to graze.

“Hopefully that will cool the ground a bit more too.”

Emu Enclosure
David Flack at Alexandra Park Zoo.

The emu enclosure construction works will also double the lace monitor enclosure.

“It will give the lace monitors a lot more space to use, more space to bask and should make it easier for visitors to the zoo to view them as well.”

No changes will be made to the main boardwalk which surrounds the perimeter of the zoo and provides a link to the river and jetty.

Access to the zoo will not be impacted throughout the works.

Learn more about the emus on our Discover website.

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