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Lake Monduran firing as temperature rises

Nathan Sutton with a Monduran Barramundi
Nathan Sutton with the barramundi he caught at Lake Monduran recently.

Lake Monduran is firing and could be a good option for fishing this weekend with rough conditions expected offshore, according to Tackle World Bundaberg.

Bundaberg inshore

With the winds looking all over the place around the Bundaberg area for this weekend, it might be time to do a little maintenance on the bigger boats or stick to inshore fishing.

There have been good reports of schoolies all along the coast from Burnett Heads to Elliott Heads.

Casting out slugs and flasha spoons or floating out pilchards will pick you up a nice feed.

Remember to check your local weather report before heading out.

Burnett River

There have been good reports of flathead and grunter caught on lures all through the Burnett River using 3” and 4” soft plastics.

When casting, cast your lure up current as far as possible and let your lure sink to the bottom.

Using a hop retrieve off the bottom should pick you up a feed of flathead and grunter. With northerly winds warming the water, mangrove jack are starting to fire.

Casting surface lures early right into the mangroves will get you a few fish.

If casting around rock bars or rock walls, try using a 4” Z-man paddle tail soft plastic with a weedless hook.

If you’re looking to catch a mangrove jack on bait, try using mullet fillet or live sprat. If by any chance anyone catches a salt-water barramundi as by-catch, it must be released unharmed and as soon as possible.

It is closed season from 1 November 2020 to 31 February 2021.

Kolan River and Baffle Creek

Both the Kolan and the Baffle have been fishing well for flathead, grunter and mangrove jack.

Now the water temperature is on the rise, the red dogs are becoming more active. Casting 4” paddle tails has been working well.

Pumping yabbies on the low tide and fishing the incoming tide has also been producing a good feed of whiting over the flats.

Lake Monduran

With the northerly winds blowing and the water temperature on the rise, Lake Monduran has been on fire.

Following that northerly wind onto points and into the backs of bays has been the key.

Once you find a good area, casting a well-presented suspending lure like the Jackal Squirrel or B52 will give you the best opportunity to get that trophy fish.

If you keep on persevering and persisting the fish will come.

Till next time, keep on casting.