Lifestyle'Dog ate my car': breaks in, chews dashboard

‘Dog ate my car’: breaks in, chews dashboard

Mischevious Manny
Betty Kao came home to find the interior of her car all but destroyed after her cheeky pooch Manny opened four car doors.

Manny could be the Bundaberg Region’s smartest and naughtiest dog after he opened four car doors to wreak havoc when his humans left him home alone.

The mischievous border collie cross kelpie is often getting himself into trouble with his escapades, which while causing headaches for his owners, display the sheer intelligence of the four-legged fiend.

Owner Betty Kao said she and her partner Ross had left Manny inside when they went out to enjoy a weekend lunch date, but they came home to chaos.

“We came home and opened the garage door and saw four doors were open and the hazard lights were on,” Betty said.

“And I initially thought ‘oh, he’s opened the doors, how funny’.

mischevious manny
Manny managed to remove the dashboard cover to sample the materials beneath

“Then I got closer and thought ‘oh my god’!

“He did open the door to the garage that was closed firm and then he opened the car doors.

“You could see it from the teeth marks on all four doors.”

Betty said mischievous Manny had removed the dashboard cover, leaving it intact except for a few bite marks, and chewed the dashboard, removing the cover for the touch screen in the process.

“Luckily he didn’t get electrocuted,” she said.

“He’s also jumped into the car boot from the inside and just destroyed the divider.

“He chewed up an umbrella as well, but he left my shoes alone!”

This isn’t the first time Manny has used his sharp mind for nefarious purposes.

“He’s got a history,” Betty laughed with miraculously good humour.

Mischevious Manny
Manny is known for being very intelligent, but unfortunately for his humans he doesn't always put this talent to positive use.

“Manny is an inside dog because he’s got a history of jumping over six-foot fences.

“He’s broken his leg.

“Luckily he’s registered with the Council so we’ve always been able to collect him, so that is actually very important.”

Mischievous Manny tests vets

Manny even ran rings around the professionals when he was staying overnight at the vet for his broken leg.

A security alarm alerted the vet surgery to unusual nocturnal activity and on arrival a very excited Manny greeted them at the door, happy for human company.

“He broke out of the cage in the middle of the night,” Betty said.

“They don’t have a clue how he got out.”

The vet moved him to a second cage to no avail, as he was able to escape that one as well.

“This is all done with a broken leg!”

Betty said they had tried vets, dog psychologists and doggy daycare in the past but had not found a solution for Manny’s mischievous ways.

“We need help!

“They’ve given us some advice but none of it worked, they’re clueless.

“He behaves super well when there are humans are around, he only acts up when he’s left alone.

“Every day I go home I go ‘oh my god, is the house still there?’.”




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