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More Merry and Bright tickets as restrictions ease

Merry and Bright tickets
The Merry and Bright event will be similar to The Enhanted Garden at Roma Street Parkland. Photo: The Enhanted Garden, Roma Street Parkland

An extra 1000 tickets will be released for the sold-out Merry and Bright enchanted gardens event after the Queensland Government relaxed COVID restrictions.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a further easing of pandemic restrictions from 17 November which means outdoor events can now have an extra 500 people.

Bundaberg Regional Council events portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said it was now possible to release another 500 tickets for each night of the event.

“Merry and Bright is a unique and exciting new event which will see the Botanic Gardens spectacularly lit, creating a Christmas wonderland to be explored,” Cr Learmonth said.

“This new initiative was our creative approach to delivering a new event that would meet COVID guidelines and surpassed even our expectations in its popularity, selling out within a matter of minutes.

“We are very thankful that the Queensland Government has now further eased restrictions, allowing us to open this event up to more of our community.”

Cr Learmonth said he understood that, despite the increase in Merry and Bright ticket numbers, he knew it would not be possible for every interested resident to attend.

“With restrictions placed on events by the Queensland Government unfortunately we can no longer allow uncapped crowd numbers to attend community events.

“Merry and Bright is being held over two days this year as a trial and, if successful, extensions of this event will be assessed for future years,” he said.

This year Merry and Bright will see the Botanic Gardens become “enchanted” on December 12 and 13.

A circuit of lighting will be created to explore on foot or by train between 5.30 and 8.30pm. Roving performers and food vans will also add to the event’s atmosphere.

While the event is free to attend, bookings for Merry and Bright are essential to meet COVID safe evert requirements.

The additional Merry and Bright tickets will be released at midday on Monday, 23 November at whatsonbundaberg.com.au.



  1. Absolutely devastated that I have been waiting on this booking website for the past hour and a half and didn’t even get tickets!!

  2. So since I paid for this event to happen as I paid my rates, which means that the council are my employee’s, my family and I will be going to the event, as underneath the laws of the Australian constitution we are legally allowed to enter, as the rules that have been pushed on us because of covid are illegal, if you do not agree then read the Australian constitution.

    I went on the site at 12:00 to be put in a queue and told there wer 130 people before me. I was then directed to the ticket sale site only to have it crash on me. I was also told a email would be sent to inform me that it was my turn to buy the tickets. To this date I have NEVER received and email. Tried again and same results. I tried until 12:20 to be informed that 1300 people were in line for me.
    My family also tried to get ticket with exactly the same results.
    I have talked to countless people and they all say the same.
    As I have paid my rates every year I believe that we should have a better chance to see this.
    Why not put it on more nights as it is set up anyway.
    Had to disappoint my grandchildren again as we missed out the first time too.

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