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ADV Cape Inscription sails into Port of Bundaberg

ADV Cape Inscription
The Royal Australian Navy patrol boat ADV Cape Inscription berthed at the sugar terminal, Port of Bundaberg.

Royal Australian Navy patrol boat ADV Cape Inscription sailed into the Port of Bundaberg on Monday morning as part of Operation Resolute.

Operation Resolute is the Australian Defence Force’s contribution to the whole-of-government effort to protect Australia's borders and offshore maritime interests through surveillance and response.

Australian Defence Vessel Cape Inscription is a Cape Class patrol boat contributing to fisheries protection, immigration, customs and drug law enforcement operations.

The 57-metre vessel travels at up to 25 knots and is armed with two 12.7mm machine guns.

Commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Richard Currie, invited Mayor Jack Dempsey aboard, accompanied by divisional representative Cr Tanya McLoughlin.

They toured the vessel and discussed establishing a formal relationship between the patrol boat and the Bundaberg Region.

LCDR Currie said there was a long association between the RAN and Bundaberg, starting with the naming of HMAS Bundaberg in 1942.

“ADV Cape Inscription hopes to continue this proud tradition over the coming years,” he said.

ADV Cape Inscription
Mayor Jack Dempsey (left) aboard the Royal Australian Navy vessel ADV Cape Inscription at the Port of Bundaberg with LEUT Worboys, Dwayne Butcher, LEUT, Sheppard, commanding officer LCDR Richard Currie, AB Beresford, Cr Tanya McLoughlin and AB Savage.

Mayor Dempsey said it was great to welcome the officers and crew.

“We’d like to encourage more naval visits into the future,” he said.

“Council has identified the opportunity to increase the ADF’s presence in the Bundaberg Region.

“We’re the northern-most port outside the Great Barrier Reef, which is strategically significant.”

Mayor Dempsey said Council has written to the Chief of Navy seeking a formal affiliation with ADV Cape Inscription.

“This gesture of friendship and respect follows a similar relationship between the former City of Bundaberg and ex-HMAS Bundaberg,” he said.

“There has been a positive response from our local community and the Bundaberg RSL sub-branch.”

Cr McLoughlin said a formal connection could lead to the vessel’s crew participating in local Anzac Day services and community engagement activities.

“We have a really beautiful Anzac Day service in the afternoon at Burnett Heads and I’d love to see the sailors involved,” she said.

ADV Cape Inscription
ADV Cape Inscription passing the Port of Bundaberg Marina.



  1. Why wasn’t this visit broadcast before the ship arrived? I’m sure a lot of people would have liked to have seen it. Another case of people in authority treating the people who vote for them as inferior beings.

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