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Catholics farewell St Mary’s Church

St Mary's Fire
St Mary’s Catholic Church was gutted by the fierce fire that was started in the early hours of February 11, 2020. Photo: Catholic Leader.

Almost a year after a devastating fire ripped through St Mary’s Catholic Church, a Mass of Remembrance will be held to grieve the loss and say farewell.

The 68-year-old church was gutted by the fierce fire that was started in the early hours of 11 February.

Parish manager Norm Whyte said events of that day turned the Catholic Parish of Bundaberg on its head.

“By noon that day, a gathering was held in the Bundaberg Parish Office for all who wanted to come support each other, grieve the loss, share the memories and to come to grips with that sudden and tragic event,” Norm said.

“Ministers from other religious groups were quick to pay a visit, and to express their condolences and support as well.

“Coming to terms with the loss of this place of repose for the 69 years of so many cherished memories has been a long and painful process for many.”

St Mary's Church
St Mary’s Church, Bundaberg, was burned down in February this year.

Mass of Remembrance to say goodbye

Norm said the time has now come to give St Mary’s Church a final goodbye with a Mass of Remembrance.

“It is only fitting therefore that we finally come together to say goodbye to what was St Mary’s Church,” he said.

“The Mass of Remembrance for St Mary’s church will be held at 9am this Sunday, 29 November on the site of the church.

“A large marquee will be erected over the site of the church, and this will host the celebration of the farewell Mass.

“Memorabilia will be displayed in the adjoining John Vianney Hall, and morning tea will be available under the covered area of what was the old St Mary’s School.”

The Mass of Remembrance will be open to the community. For more information click here.