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Totally Flipt approved for Bundaberg East

Totally Flipt trampolining centre, which is hoping to open in Bundaberg early next year.
Bounce off the walls at the new family run Totally Flipt trampolining centre.

Bundaberg’s newest trampoline centre is getting closer to jumping onto the business scene with a development application for Totally Flipt approved.

With development approval issued by Council on Friday, the operators are working hard to have the East Bundaberg trampoline centre up and running as soon as possible.

Co-owner Christian Cameron said he was looking forward to the opening date but that a lot of work still lay ahead for him and fellow co-owner Jodie Horton.

Christian is a woodworker by trade but is no stranger to working with metal now, after months of cutting and welding trampoline frames.

“It’s all in the shed now, it’s all welded up,” Christian said.

“It’s just a matter now of finishing putting all the mats in.”

Christian’s also in the process of relocating an existing office in the East Bundaberg shed to make way for a new cafeteria.

“We’re going to be trying to produce healthy foods,” he said.

The pair hope to offer healthy alternatives like salad rolls, sandwiches and wraps but they won’t be leaving out the sweet treats like cakes.

“Eventually we will expand into bigger things.

“We want to try and do functions and stuff like that.

“In a year’s time, if everything is going well, we’re knocking down a wall hopefully.

“That is when we could put in the basketball trampolines and rock climbing walls.”

Christian said he hoped the first stage of Totally Flipt, which would include the cafeteria and trampoline area, would be up and running by the end of January.

At the time of lodging the application, Jodie said Totally Flipt would offer a range of activities from trampolining to basketball.

“We’ve got an adult foam pit, a gymnastics trampoline, a few junior trampolines, some adult trampolines with pyramids and some wall trampolines,” Jodie said.

“We’re hoping to start off small but add something different to it too and we’ll be bringing a café into the space and a toddler play area, so parents with children of different age groups aren’t sitting in the car waiting to finish jumping.”

Two-hour closed sessions will be run throughout the week, and Jodie said a range of COVID-related caveats will be put in place to ensure customer safety.

“Because of the way COVID is going to require us to function, it will be two-hour sessions and closed for half an hour to clean everything and then another two-hour session,” she said.

“Those two-hour sessions during the week and school hours will change, so one day is going to be for family day-care educators, another for childcare centres.

“It’s so we don’t have big kids, adults and young children in here at the same time.

“It’ll be a closed session for certain groups Monday to Friday and then public bookings after school and weekends.”

When opened, Totally Flipt will operate between 9am and 9pm seven days a week.