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People with disabilities recognised for good work

International Day of People with Disabilities
Celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities at the Bundaberg Material Recovery Facility on Thursday were (standing from left) Tony Norton, James Stockwell, New Image laundry manager Danny Leary, Bundaberg Regional Councillor Vince Habermann, Liam Hunt, Ethan Merritt, NDIS support worker Sorelle Mackinnon, supervisor recycling and collections Mitch Pignat, Nathan Last and (seated) Gary Rohdmann and Jamie Stubbs.

The good work done by the team at the Bundaberg Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) was recognised at an International Day of People with Disabilities morning tea on Thursday.

MRF employees were treated to cupcakes by Cr Vince Habermann on behalf of Bundaberg Regional Council to acknowledge their efforts in ensuring the community’s household recyclable items are processed as efficiently as possible.

The MRF is operated by Impact Community Services under a program established to provide employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities and Cr Habermann was delighted to help mark International Day of People with Disabilities with the team.

“The MRF workers are heroes of the community and their work is greatly appreciated by Council and the general community,” Cr Habermann said.

“By saving household items from going needlessly into our landfill and instead being recycled and made into useful products, the MRF team are greatly reducing the Bundaberg Region’s carbon footprint and helping to care for our environment.”

Cr Habermann said he was impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the MRF team.

“I have seen them in action, they are just so dedicated and meticulous in their work,” he said.

“They love it, and they take pride in their work, and today’s morning tea was just a small way to thank them for the service they are providing the region.”

Cr Habermann extended his praise to the MRF management team, adding that it was also doing a wonderful job at the facility.

MRF’s recycling and collections supervisor Mitch Pignat said it was important to recognise the contribution people with a disability made to society and their desire to play an active role in it.

“Our people, in particular, who are working in an extremely difficult environment, they are quite enthusiastic about the work they do, and I think the community should recognise their contribution,” Mitch said.

“Hopefully, the broader community does recognise that people with disabilities are just like everyone else.

“I like the term ability more than disability because they certainly have a lot of ability.”

Household recyclables are sorted and baled into six categories at the facility – paper and cardboard, soft drink bottles, steel and aluminium, milk bottles, clear and coloured glass and shrink wrap.

Impact helps people who are experiencing disadvantage through support services, training, employment or a combination of all.

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