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Minding own beeswax wraps up

Beeswax wrap workshop environment
Young Bundaberg residents choose patterns during the beeswax wrap workshop at Elliott Heads yesterday.

Making beeswax wraps proved to be fun and beneficial for a group of young Bundaberg Region people at Elliott Heads Hall this week.

Those participating in the free workshop learned how to make and care for the wraps to take home for their personal use.

Participants were shown how to make the wraps from natural materials including beeswax, jojoba or coconut oil, tree resin and 100 per cent cotton.

Bundaberg Regional Council hosted the event which was a Project Green Book initiative, funded by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal and ABC Heywire in partnership with the #LessIsMore4GBR project.

Council portfolio spokesperson Cr Tracey McPhee said it was pleasing to see the region’s young people exercise their creativity while discovering an effective way to reduce the amount of plastic used for food storage.

“We use plastic more often than is necessary and it’s great that so many young people were interested in learning how to wrap sandwiches and other food items in a more sustainable manner by making beeswax wraps,” Cr McPhee said.

“The wraps can be used as a replacement for Clingwrap in most instances and they are great for use in lunchboxes or to cover food, other than meat, stored in the fridge.”

Feedback from the participants indicated that they enjoyed the workshop and would put the information they received to good use:

  • “Through this workshop we have changed the amount of plastic wrap in the environment. The beeswax wraps are better for the environment and are biodegradable” – Lauran, 17.
  • “By learning how to use beeswax wraps I can dramatically reduce my use of clingwraps and teach others to make them, which would then reduce their plastic use” – Libby, 14.
  • “I have changed my view (about) pollution and I have decided to help the environment” – Violet, 12.

Project Green Book aims to encourage Australian youth to connect with their local natural environment and to build and strengthen local communities.

Equipment needed:

  • Electric fry pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Metal tongs x 2
  • Rack for drying


  • 100% cotton fabric cut with pinking shears
  • Bees wax
  • Pine rosin (gum rosin, colophony) powdered or chunks, powdered will melt faster
  • Oil – jojoba or coconut (approx. 1 tbsp. to 1kg wax)

Ratio of 1:8

eg 100g rosin to 800g wax, 125g rosin to 1kg wax