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Dockside on Quay draws local and interstate interest

Dockside on Quay
Construction of the Dockside on Quay apartments is set to start in May 2021.

The first luxury residential apartments to be built on the Burnett Riverside will be under construction in coming months, with half of the Dockside on Quay development already sold.

The Ascot Group project will deliver the 12 three-bedroom apartments overlooking the Burnett River, adjacent to the RSL.

Ascot Real Estate sales manager Greg McMahon said the project was unique to the region and could well prove to be a catalyst for further commercial development of the CBD.

“You walk out your front door, you're right in the CBD, you can go to the RSL or you can fish off the riverbank out the front,” Greg said.

“This is a case of value adding for the town.

“With Council’s plans for the rest of the riverfront, I think it just fits in with the whole grand plan.

Dockside on Quay
Ascot Real Estate sales manager Greg McMahon on the site of the soon-to-be constructed Dockside on Quay apartments.

“I think we're going to set the precedent, I think once we've built then other projects will probably come about.”

Six of the apartments have already been sold to local buyers.

Dockside on Quay
Local company Ascot Group is set to build 12 luxury apartments on the Burnett Riverside with artist impressions recently released.

“A lot of the other interest is coming from interstate,” Greg said.

“Obviously that's sort of waxed and waned a little bit with people actually being able to get in here with border closures.

“But I think when we finally get this under control, then it's going to be people on site seeing just how attractive the location is and how good a proposition it is that hopefully the remaining six units will be snapped up very, very quickly.”

The Ascot Group has been operating in the Bundaberg Region for more than 30 years and Greg said Dockside on Quay was a legacy project for founder and principal Alex Ferguson.

“He's a fairly visionary sort of fellow,” Greg said.

“I think it was one of those things where he wanted to pay it forward to the town, to the community.

“Council obviously has a vision for this whole area and that's our contribution to it.”

Greg said the project would transform the under-utilised site.

“Originally this was all railway wharves down here and there's still a bit of railway track down there, so it wasn't a particularly sort of attractive part of the world.”

Soon it will be home to the Dockside on Quay development, marketed as “visually stunning” and the Ascot Group believes it “comprehensively sets the new standard for luxury riverside residential living”.

Greg said every single apartment would enjoy water views.

“Three levels, four units on each level, just built to exacting and quality standards.”

For more information on Dockside on Quay head to Ascot Real Estate’s Facebook page.



  1. Think it’s a brilliant way to kick start the rejuvenation of Bundaberg. Yes . We are the Rum City and we are a food bowl, but to keep up with other Regional cities we have got to be more.. Compared to some, Bundaberg is dead boring. So, bring it on and NO! Bundy will never be nor wants to be Gold Coast.

  2. So what will happen to the RSL building, it needs a facelift and looks ugly with all the machinery on the roof?

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