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ADV Cape Fourcroy visits Port of Bundaberg

ADV Cape Fourcroy
ADV Cape Fourcroy

Royal Australian Navy patrol vessel ADV Cape Fourcroy berthed at the Port of Bundaberg today for supplies and shore leave.

ADV Cape Fourcroy and sister ship ADV Cape Inscription are Cape Class patrol boats.

Along with 13 sister Armidale Class vessels, they are the Navy's principal contribution to the nation's fisheries protection, immigration, customs and drug law enforcement operations.

The vessels work hand-in-hand with other Government agencies as part of the Australian Border Force.

In the event of war they would be tasked to control the waters close to the Australian mainland.

Port of Bundaberg manager for Gladstone Ports Corporation, Jason Pascoe said it's the second time ADC Cape Fourcroy had visited Bundaberg.

“I’m looking forward to welcoming the vessel, its Commander and officers as well as the 27 crew members onboard,” Mr Pascoe said.

Mr Pascoe said the crew would top up on water, fuel and supplies during the short stay.

“The Port of Bundaberg is a great a place for the crew to stretch their sea legs,” he said.

“We’re proud to welcome the crew to our port and to be able to provide services to help the defence vessel continue their great work protecting our borders.”

The ADV Cape Fourcroy arrived about 10am for a short stay at the Sir Thomas Hiley Wharf.

The Patrol Boat Group’s headquarters are in Darwin.

According to the Navy, patrol boat crews are typically employed on a range of constabulary duties involving tracking, intercepting, stopping and boarding other vessels, and sometimes arresting their crews and seizing cargo.

“Our operations in association with Border Force, Australian Fisheries and Australian Federal Police protect against unauthorised entry, breaches of customs, immigration and drugs legislation, other illegal activity and in support of law enforcement, preserve the integrity of our national fish-stocks, our marine environment and other natural resources,” the Navy says.

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