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Indoor Plant Drop craze blossoms in Bundaberg

Indoor Plant Drop Australia
Bundaberg residents are participating in the Facebook group Indoor Plant Drop Australia to spread joy to others.

A blossoming plant-loving craze known as Indoor Plant Drop Australia is taking off in the Bundaberg Region.

Less than a week ago, on 16 January, the Facebook group Indoor Plant Drop Australia was created, and now locals are taking part in hopes to spread joy to others.

The fad involve community members taking a plant, or cutting, in a pot and leaving it for a stranger to find and take home.

Bundaberg’s Samantha Myles thought the idea of spreading cheer was a nice idea.

She wrapped two peace lilies in vibrant pink and left them eagerly waiting in the community for someone to take them home.

Samantha become involved with Indoor Plant Drop Australia after she posted to a local gardening page about her idea to trade plants or cuttings with other plant enthusiasts, and it was recommended that she join the new fad Indoor Plant Drop Australia.

“It wasn’t until a few days after joining I decided to participate – I hadn’t seen any locals post to the page, so (I) was a little nervous that the plants would be ignored, which is why I decided to share my drop on the local forum page,” she said.

Indoor Plant Drop a nice gesture

Leaving one of the peace lilies on a bench at the Botanic Gardens, and the other near West State School, Samantha said it was likely the plants would be found because of their locations.

“I really think giving where possible is important. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, it just has to be done without expecting in return,” she said.

“You can never really know what someone is going through and a simple smile or finding a gift can change their day.

“Not only that but giving makes you feel good, to know you’ve helped make someone’s day a little brighter is such a great feeling.”

Indoor Plant Drop Australia
Samantha Myles is involved with Indoor Plant Drop Australia.

Samantha said it wasn't expensive to participate in Indoor Plant Drop as all of her plants came from her garden. With an abundance of ideal houseplants that she had no intention of selling, Samantha said it was the perfect idea.

“I’m currently thinning out some that have gotten bigger in preparation for redoing my gardens,” she said.

“The pots I use are generally ones I have kept from purchased plants or that I had been given from family etc. from plants they had purchased, (and) the soil is just generally from my garden or chicken pen.

“Most people will repot what they find or plant in a garden so there’s no real need to purchase potting mix.

“I had no interest in selling my plants or cuttings so I’m more than happy to give them to someone who wants them or trade them for things I might not have. So, using them for a plant drop is better than them going in the bin.”

Samantha said within 24 hours of dropping the plants, one had been found and a grateful message was posted to social media by the finder.

How Indoor Plant Drop works

  • Prepare a plant or a cutting of one of your plants in a pot.
  • Find a nice spot where your soul and plant says “yeah right there” and leave it for a stranger to find.
  • Don't forget to leave the group details on a note attached to the plant so the finder can be led to the group to post their find and connect with the dropper for a back story on the plant or care instructions. For more information about the group click here.