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New Unique Dance Studio to open at Bargara

Unique Dance Studio
Unique Dance Studio is a purpose-built facility, created by local company Nathan Groszmann Constructions.

Tammy Gill was born to dance and has followed in her mother’s footsteps to give the Bargara community a unique dance opportunity.

For more than two decades Unique Dance at Bargara has operated at St Peter's Hall, Bauer Street, and now the family-friendly dance studio is on the move with the doors to a new purpose-built facility to open next month.

Learning to dance at the young age of two, Tammy said it was when her family relocated from Adelaide to Bargara that her passion for teaching dance was truly ignited.

“At the time we moved to Bargara, I was finishing my senior years of study,” she said.

“As there were no studios servicing the beach side, Mum started a dance school, which was called Behind the Waves.

“I took over the studio in 1999 and changed the name to Unique Dance at Bargara, reflecting my belief that everyone has a unique talent.”

Last year marked the silver anniversary for Tammy and her mother, as Unique Dance has been operating in Bargara since 1995.

Tammy said she had always dreamt of owning her own dance studio and now that dream was a reality, and she's excited to think about what the future will hold.

“When I first started, the hall was the only venue available to hold dance classes as Bargara was still a small community,” she said.

“I will be able to offer our community so much more.

“Having our own facility will be a major improvement in many areas.”

Unique Dance Studio built by locals

Tammy said Unique Dance Studio was a purpose-built facility, created by local company Nathan Groszmann Constructions.

It will enable dancers to train at any time.

“Our equipment will have special housing and can be left out, instead of packing everything away each night,” she said.

“Our new studio will be air-conditioned, which will be a very welcome addition after the many hot summers spent sweltering in rehearsals for concert and competition preparations.

“Our new modifications also include a beautiful tongue and groove hardwood sprung floor.

“Being a local business owner, I know how important it is to support local. Nathan Groszmann Constructions is a local, award-winning, family-owned, building company.

“He has assisted us over the years with minor projects. Nathan, Peta and the team have always been open, transparent with costings and flexible in any previous undertakings.”

Unique Dance Studio
The new Unique Dance Studio is located upstairs at Bargara Central. Classes are expected to start early February.

Unique Dance Studio is located upstairs at Stockwell Bargara Central, and Tammy said she planned to have renovation and modifications completed by the end of January for new classes to begin in the first few weeks of February.

“This spot is very prominent for Bargara residents – many people did not even know we had a dance studio in Bargara,” Tammy said.

“It is going to be very handy for mums and dads who can get their grocery shopping done while the little ones are upstairs at dance.

“After 25 years of operating in the vibrant community of Bargara, we pride ourselves on inspiring talent and supporting students to reach their dreams.”

Unique Dance Studio caters for a range of ages, abilities, and dance genres, to find out more check out their Facebook page.