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Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc calls for new members

Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc
Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc President Linda Karlsen is calling for more residents to join the group

New animal rescue organisation Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc has put the call out for locals interested in training to become rescuers.

Presidents Linda Karlsen said the group had recently become incorporated and was formerly known as Bundy Wild Matters.

“We’re getting a network of people together slowly,” Linda said.

“We’re looking at putting out a call for new members, people who are interested in becoming animal rescuers and doing training.”

Personally rescuing 109 animals throughout 2020, Linda said there is a great need for more members.

“We’re covering quite a large area but I’m the only one in town.

“Yesterday I did three rescues – a tawny frogmouth, adult injured possum and a baby possum.

“We need more people who are prepared to do that.

“If they want to just drive out and pick animals up and take them to the vet, people who might want to help us out with social media, someone to write a newsletter.

“There are lots of different jobs but we really need rescuers.”

Free training is made available to members of the group, with a small registration fee charged to cover insurance costs.

Linda said no prior experience was needed for prospective members.

“None at all, just an interest and maybe a little bit of time.

“People might just have the weekend, that would be fine.

“It’s what a person wants to do.

“We also plan, hopefully within the next couple of months, to do markets to get information out there.”

Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc
Aussie the 135 day old brush tail possum is currently in the care of Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc President Linda Karlsen

While Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc does already have a number of members spread throughout the region, including Rosedale and Gin Gin, Linda said there was a growing need for volunteers.

“We’re getting busier and busier as we are getting known.

“More and more people are calling.”

Usually members respond to injured animal reports, dealing with anything from dingo puppies, possums and kangaroos to flying foxes and echidnas.

“We get all sorts.”

Linda has been rescuing wildlife since 1988, working with WIRES in NSW and travelling to perform snake and crocodile shows before settling in Bundaberg and assisting with Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc.

“I’m going to be running the initial training course with another couple of people,” Linda said.

“There are a lot of experienced people involved in the training.”

Now that the group has been incorporated they can also start to fundraise and apply for grants to support their work.

For more information about Bundy Wildlife Rescue Inc check out their Facebook page, email
bundywildliferescue@gmail.com or call Linda on 0412 665 424 or Judy on 4156 5382.

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