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Amazing photos capture joey’s comfort in mum’s pouch

Little joey
Sara Witcher captured some amazing photos of a joey inside its Mum's pouch.

A series of amazing photos taken by local wildlife carer Sara Witcher show just how safe and comfortable a kangaroo mother's pouch is to a tiny joey.

The Bucca woman was able to get up close to take the shots due to her own special bond with the kangaroo mum named Little.

The once orphaned roo was rescued by Sara at a young age, but, when it came time for Little to go back to the wild she made the human family part of her own instead.

“Little came to me as a 1.5kg orphaned joey, she was released here at home and has complete freedom to come and go,” Sara said.

“She has been part of our family for five years. She is not locked up but chooses to stay nearby.”

Little a special part of the family

Little has had five joeys during her time at the Bucca property and Sara said she was always willing to introduce her new brood to her human loved ones.

“She has always been happy to show me her joeys and let me look in her pouch,” Sara said.

“On this particular day that I took the photos I got a shock when I saw a nose poking out because I was expecting a much smaller Joey still with its eyes closed.

“I had a look and there he was, all laid back, comfy with a teat in his mouth just looking back at me.”

Sara said the joey had been named Chilli and was still happily being taken care of by Little at the Bucca property.

She said she felt honoured to have gained the trust of the animals and would always cherish the special bond she shared with Little.

“I am so fortunate to have a connection with Little,” Sara said.

“It is amazing how much she trusts me, it is very special.”

Posted by Sara Witcher on Thursday, November 19, 2020
Video: Sara Witcher

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