LifestyleAnne’s unique garden product of lifelong passion

Anne’s unique garden product of lifelong passion

Anne Walsh in her assorted garden.

When Anne Walsh moved into her home 16 years ago there were no gardens in place, but today, her backyard is a thriving tropical oasis.

The Bundaberg green thumb collects a unique assortment of plants, adding to her garden whenever she can.

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“It was mainly trees and palms, I planted most of what you see,” Anne said.

“I would have removed around 30 palms.

“I wanted a tropical garden that was fairly maintenance free.”

The backyard is filled with statues made by Anne’s neighbour Brendon.

Anne's garden features a mixture of gifted and purchased statues from Brendon, and she said she loved to support his business by continuing to buy local.

“What I love most about my garden are the plants, the quirky statues my neighbour makes and the fishpond,” she said.

Anne Walsh's garden.

Anne has been collecting bromeliads and orchids for over 30 years which has led her to create an assorted, colourful garden.

“My favourite being tillandsias, which have amazing flowers and are so easy to care for,” she said.

“Now I am diversifying into other areas with ferns, frangipanis, succulents, anthuriums, tropical like philodendrons and alocasias just to name a few.

“I also enjoy growing plants from seed and cuttings.” 

Anne's love for plants started at a young age, growing up surrounded by nature.

“For as long as I can remember I have liked plants,” she said.

“I grew up north of Sydney on the edge of a national park.

“The wildflowers were amazing and I was always bringing a bunch home for mum.

“Dad was a keen gardener, we had fruit and veggies growing as well as seasonal flowers, roses and shrubs.”

Anne said being a part of multiple garden clubs allowed them to visit other gardens and learn from others.

As an avid gardener, Anne said she much preferred spending her time outdoors.

“My favourite being when I find something has flowered overnight,” she said.

Anne Walsh's garden.

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