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Free community movies celebrate Moncrieff’s history

Three Summers community movie
Keevey (played by Rebecca Breeds) and Roland (Robert Sheehan) provide the romance at the heart of Australian comedy film Three Summers.

The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre’s program of free community movies not only provides great entertainment, it also honours the venue’s rich heritage.

Originally known as the Olympia Airdome when built as an open-air theatre to screen movies in 1920, the Moncrieff has undergone several transformations and name changes since.

However, throughout that time, the venue has retained strong ties to its origin as the place for Bundaberg residents to watch the ‘flicks’.

That tradition is continued via the screening of free community movies regularly throughout the year.

Council’s portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said the movies were intended to cater to the entire community.

“During the school holidays we provide films suitable for a younger audience and families and, throughout the rest of the year, we provide free film screenings that everyone is welcome to attend,” Cr Learmonth said.

“This year we have gone with an all-Australian selection of movies to help promote the Australian film industry.

“The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre is now much more than a movie theatre, but the screening of free community movies helps ensure that the venue provides a diverse program that caters for a wide range of entertainment preferences.”

This month's free community movie ‘Three Summers', to screen on Wednesday, February 17, is a feel-good comedy set in Western Australia and directed by Englishman Ben Elton.

The film features a brilliant Australian cast including Magda Szubanski, Michael Caton, Deborah Mailman, John Waters, Jacqueline McKenzie, Kelton Pell and Peter Rowsthorn, along with fellow Aussie Rebecca Breeds and Irishman Robert Sheehan playing the romantic leads.

Other classic Australian films to be screened this year outside of school holiday periods are ‘High Ground’ on June 2, ‘Dirt Music’ on July 14 and ‘Bellbird’ on November 17.

Cr Learmonth said the free community movies, which screen at 10am on Wednesdays, were only part of the entertainment with the doors opening at 9am and viewers being treated to performances by local musicians including drumming bands, ukulele players and singers.

Although the community movie ‘Three Summers’ is free to the public, bookings are essential.

Book at the Box Office online or phone the Moncrieff on 4130 4100.