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Living and breathing netball pays off for Charlotte

Charlotte Boge
Charlotte Boge has signed with USC Thunder Ruby Series after dedicating most of her life to netball.

For most of her life Charlotte Boge has lived, breathed, and dreamt netball, and now it’s paying off as she signs with USC Thunder Ruby Series.

USC Thunder Ruby Series showcases the best of Queensland’s emerging talent and provides a valuable step between grassroots netballers and netball champions.

Currently studying year 12 at Shalom College, Charlotte understands the commitment needed to succeed.

Her passion for netball started at the young age of 7 and her determination a decade later is as strong as ever.

“I have always wanted to play netball at an elite level – I realise that my journey is only just beginning but it does feel like my dreams are starting to come true,” Charlotte said.

“It means that the hard work that I have already done has paid off but that there is also going to be plenty of hard work ahead for me now.

“I love the physicality of the sport which keeps me fit and healthy and the competitiveness of giving your best for your team.  Most of all I love the friendships I have made through the sport.”

The USC Thunder Ruby Series is based at the University of the Sunshine Coast’s High-Performance Sports Precinct, and Charlotte will travel up to three times a week to train and compete.

She will be surrounded by some of the best netballers in Queensland, and gain vital skills needed to pursue her dream.

“It would be amazing to be able to one day become a professional sportsperson,” Charlotte said.

“I feel that just being surrounded by and playing with Queensland’s most talented players and coaches that I will gain a lot of knowledge and skills to help me achieve my goal. 

“I would also like to study at university at the end of this year.”

Charlotte Boge named sportsperson of the year

Charlotte has played netball with Brothers Netball Club from junior level right through to division 1, and was awarded Brothers Sports Junior Sportsperson of the Year, for the second consecutive year.

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Posted by Brothers Sports Club Bundaberg on Friday, February 5, 2021
Charlotte Boge was awarded Brothers Sports Junior Sportsperson of the Year, for the second consecutive year.

“I have loved representing Bundaberg and the Wide Bay region,” she said.

“At times living in a regional area has come with some challenges in terms of travelling and opportunities to make various teams, but it has also afforded me many advantages such as, learning from coaches who are passionate about passing on their love of netball.

“Brothers Netball Club have incredible coaches and volunteers and they have always been really proactive in bringing elite coaches to Bundaberg to work with the Brothers netball players.

“I have learnt a lot from all of the opportunities that they have provided.”

Charlotte said she is grateful for the opportunity, and ready and excited for the season ahead.

“I would like to thank my parents, coaches and school for always supporting me and giving me the confidence to push myself out of my comfort zone,” she said.

“Shalom have been very supportive and accommodating particularly as I am Year 12 this year – all of the teachers have been amazing.

“I really appreciate the time that my coaches have taken to prepare me and instil in me the belief that I could do it.

“And of course, my parents have been my biggest supporters and without them none of this would be possible, so I really am very grateful to everyone who has helped me on my netball journey so far.”

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