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Marilyn paints big land in miniature form

Marilyn Murray miniatures exhibition
Marilyn Murray's ‘Uluru at Sunrise' is one of the works in her pieces in her ‘Memories in Miniature' exhbition at the Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery from March 6-31.

Childers artist Marilyn Murray’s latest exhibition of acrylic work remarkably captures images of our vast continent on miniature canvases.

Marilyn’s ‘Memories in Miniature’ collection, essentially a documentation of her life and memories in miniature form, is being exhibited at the Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery from March 6-31.

Representing her “current obsession” with miniatures, each acrylic paint work measures just 6.4cm x 8.9cm unframed and 12.5cm x 17.5cm framed yet is big on detail.

In her artist’s statement accompanying the exhibition, Marilyn said the scenery captured in the miniatures were inspired by her travels throughout Australia with her husband since their retirement.

“Though the majority of the paintings are landscapes or seascapes of Australia, I have also included other aspects of my life and travels including buildings, bridges, churches, birds and animals together with some still life work,” Marilyn explains in her statement.

“Each of these little paintings is essentially a ‘memory’ for me and as such each has a story to tell.

“I hope that at least one or two will invoke some memories for the viewer of their trips around Australia.”

Marilyn Murray miniatures exhibition
Marilyn captures images of her Australian travels on miniature paintings using a limited palette of acrylic paints.

Marilyn used a limited palette, including two variations of each of the primary colours, plus white, raw and burnt umber, and black.

She writes that creating her own colours from these paints enables her to capture most colours in nature.

Marilyn Murray's ‘memories’ are drawn from every Australian state except Western Australia where she has not yet travelled, but she hopes the west will provide plenty of inspiration for a new exhibition when she does make it there.

The Gin Gin Regional Courthouse Gallery is located at 80a Mulgrave Street, Gin Gin, and is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 9am-4pm.