LifestyleWeekender: Gary Ostrofski brightens your day



Weekender: Gary Ostrofski brightens your day

In this edition of Weekender we meet Gary Ostrofski whose happy face will be more than familiar to many Bundaberg Region residents.

Gary Ostrofski has become something of a local celebrity often seen seated on Fe Walker Street waving and blowing kisses to passing drivers.

Green Solutions Wide Bay shares details about the its new facility which is now taking green waste free of charge.

Plus you can discover a magical world of mystical creatures with a new augmented reality app being launched in parks in Bundaberg and Bargara to celebrate National Parks Week.

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  1. Oh yes, Gary (Now I know his name) does brighten my day on my way home. Such enthusiasm in his wave. Love him. ????

  2. Yes.. I see Gary every morning and give a wave back. Brightens my morning. Now I have a name to the “man in the cowboy hat” I tell my husband about.

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