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Bundaberg 4WD Club cleans up for Australia Day

4wd club cleans up
Bundaberg 4WD Club members Petrina Pashley and Graham Barnsley doing their bit for the environment.

The Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club joined volunteers at over 8000 registered sites right across Australia to participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day Campaign.

What started thirty over 30 years ago, by an “average Australia bloke” Ian Kiernan, who had a simple idea to make a difference in his own backyard has now become the nation’s largest community-based environmental event.

Over the event's lifetime, more than 18.3 million Australians have donated their time as part of Clean Up Australia Day activities.

The Burrum Coast National Park, and in particular the Kinkuna camping Zone, was our main area targeted again this year, as well as the main access tracks into the park.

In conjunction with the Department of Environment and Science Rangers and the Bundaberg Regional Council, who had once again organised a skip bin close to the area for our use, twelve vehicles of enthusiastic members picked up an estimated five cubic meters of rubbish from along the beach and camp zone.

The group found various items among the trees and along the beach, including sheets of corrugated iron, loads of loose bottles and cans, tyres, broken chairs and other assorted bits of broken camping gear.

There seemed to be less general rubbish found this year and although we would like to think people are changing their habits, it is probably the fact that other groups are as upset with the condition of the area as we are and have organised clean-ups throughout the year. Well done to all involved.

4wd club cleans up
Bundaberg 4WD Club cleans up for Australia Day. Photo: Members are receiving instructions before the big task.

Being about 35km from Bundaberg, having campsites at the waters edge and set amongst the she oaks, the area is popular with many four wheel drivers.

Close proximity and easy access prove to be a lure to numerous day trippers and campers alike.

The camp zone has no facilities so disposal of bodily waste is something that everyone needs to consider when using the park.

Once again, the items that stood out the most was the amount of toilet paper thrown on the ground, and baby wipes (which do not break down) strewn through the back tracks of the campsites.

Your toilet waste needs to be dealt with properly! Take a shovel and bury your waste, better still take a portable toilet and dispose of the contents at the many dump points available.

Remember if you carry your gear in you can carry it out. Such actions would go a long way to keeping popular areas like Kinkuna open and in the pristine state it should be, for all to enjoy.

To find out more on the Bundaberg Four Wheel Drive Club and activities we have on, contact us via email: info@bundaberg4wdclub.com, on the net here or catch us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Brad Praed

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