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Adventure awaits as Escape Grid opens to public

Escape Grid
Beth Scott at the new Escape Grid opening in Bundaberg.

Intrigue, excitement and plenty of surprises are just behind the doors of Escape Grid, which opened to the public today.

Located on Mary Street in Bundaberg East, Escape Grid specialises in immersive and interactive escape games for the whole family to participate in.

Owner Beth Scott said she came up with her Escape Grid business plan in 2018 and was now excited to finally open the doors to the community.

“When I understood what escape rooms were I thought, well what an amazing thing to have here in Bundaberg, so I set out plans way back in 2018,” she said.

Escape rooms are interactive games in which players are “locked” in a themed room and presented with one mission: to escape.

Escape Grid
Old Bob's Gold Mine at the new Escape Grid opening in Bundaberg.

Beth said teams would have to search high and low for clues and use them to progress through the room, one puzzle at a time.

“We have three rooms here at Escape Grid, we are opening with two on Saturday and our third room should be available in a few weeks time,” she said.

“When participants arrive for their booking, we immerse them in the story of the game they have been chosen to be part of.

“The game master takes them to the room and they have one hour to go through the game where there are lots of surprises, problem solving and clues to work out.”

Escape Grid has something for everyone

Beth said each of the rooms had a specified age limit.

“One of our games, Where's Billy?, is open to everybody,” she said.

“Old Bob's Gold Mine is open from age 12 years and up and our third room, which is not yet open, is for ages 18 years and up.”

Beth said Escape Grid was best played in a group setting, with eight people the maximum.

“It is a wonderful team-building activity, you feed off each other and everyone uses their own skills and abilities to approach different problems,” she said.

“Everyone has something different to contribute.”

Escape Grid will be open to the public from this Saturday, with bookings to be made online at escapegrid.com.au.

Beth said the first 40 groups to book would receive a ticket for one complimentary game, for one person to use on their next visit.

To find out more about Escape Grid, which opens on Saturday 13 March, visit the Facebook page here or the website here.