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RSL women’s auxiliary look to a brighter 2021

RSL women's auxiliary
Pamela McNee from Bundaberg RSL Women's Auxiliary

Bundaberg RSL Women’s Auxiliary is looking forward to a brighter year ahead following a difficult year of fundraising in 2020.

Outgoing secretary Pamela McNee said this year promised to be busier for the organisation, which raises funds for the Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch, with a solid number of bookings for its catering services having been received.

Pamela, who will remain with the organisation after stepping down as secretary at its annual general meeting this month, said the women’s auxiliary had raised more than $3000 for the sub branch last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic having stifled its fundraising efforts.

After COVID interrupted the group's 2020 activities she said the group hoped to increase that total this year to be closer to the $4000 to $5000 achieved in previous years.

“For three or four months we were not doing anything,” Pamela said.

“In the time since our return, in late June, we have worked like Trojans to make up for lost time.

“We usually make about $3000 or $4000 (before costs are deducted) out of our cent sale alone, but we couldn’t hold it last year.

“It’s our prime source of fundraising along with the sale of Anzac Day and Remembrance Day memorabilia.”

Pamela said the organisation’s committee had been pleased by the number of invitees who attended the recent AGM conducted at the Veterans Support Centre in Millbank.

She said Councillors Bill Trevor and Tanya McLoughlin had attended the meeting along with representatives from the Queensland Country Women’s Association, Australian Red Cross, Legacy, Australian War Widows and Women Veterans Network Australia.

“All who spoke mentioned how proud our members should be for working so hard for the last few months leading up to December,” Pamela said.

Pamela said the Bundaberg RSL Women’s Auxiliary aimed to continue fundraising for the RSL sub branch well into the future but admitted that finding new members was becoming difficult.

“We’ve found that fewer and fewer people are joining,” she said.

“It’s difficult now because the women and men in most families now both work and they just don’t have the time to help.”

Anyone wishing to help the Bundaberg RSL Women’s Auxiliary or the Bundaberg RSL Sub Branch is invited to contact the sub branch by phoning 4132 6512 or via its webpage.

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