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E-scooters available to rent in time for Easter

Neuron Scooters
Sam Meyer and Kirri Saunders on the Neuron e-scooters being launched in Bundaberg and Bargara on Friday 2 April.

From tomorrow, e-scooters will be available to rent for short trips in Bundaberg and Bargara after Neuron Mobility launched its international operation in the region.

The two areas are among the first regional locations to be targeted by Neuron Mobility which is undertaking a 12-month trial in the area.

From Friday 2 April 250 e-scooters will be available within the Bundaberg CBD in an area bounded by the hospital, botanic gardens and the East Bundaberg tourism precinct, as well as the Bargara foreshore (see maps below).

Currently operating in metropolitan areas like Brisbane and Adelaide, the motorised scooters sit within a set geographical area and can be ‘unlocked’ using a mobile device.

For a fee, users then ride to their desired location, park the scooter and end their trip.

For the safety of all residents the scooters are “geofenced” which ensures they cannot be taken outside of the designated areas and are only parked in dedicated locations.

Certain areas, that may have a higher level of foot traffic, will be set as speed restricted “go-slow” zones and areas where local laws restrict the use of scooters will be set as “no-go” zones and the scooters will power down so the user can walk it through the area.

Bundaberg Regional Council sport and recreation portfolio spokesperson Cr Vince Habermann said it was a boon for the region to be targeted by Neuron Mobility.

“E-scooters in our CBD areas will provide an affordable and sustainable transport option for residents and visitors and may even encourage people to spend more time enjoying our pathways and outdoor spaces,” Cr Habermann said.

“Just the fact that Neuron Mobility has targeted the Bundaberg Region with this proposal, I think, speaks volumes for the growth of our area.

“While they operate thousands of e-scooters in Australia and internationally, Brisbane and Townsville are the only other Queensland locations.”

Neuron Mobility said the company’s investment in the region would create about 25 jobs, recruited locally.

CEO Zachary Wang said Neuron Mobility considered the region to be a “superb environment for e-scooters” and was excited to launch its program in its third Queensland city.

“E-scooters are a great way for locals as well as tourists to travel in a safe, convenient and fun way and elsewhere in Australia they are helping to boost the local economy,” Mr Wang said.

“Safety is our top priority, it dictates our e-scooter design and also the way we operate them.

“Our N3 e-scooters are packed with a range of cutting-edge safety features and we know from experience in other cities that riders really appreciate this.”

On its website, Neuron Mobility said it works with Councils throughout Australia and internationally to offer safe and efficient short trips.

“Councils are focused on how e-scooters can integrate seamlessly into their cities … we have a fast innovation cycle, so we can create bespoke solutions to suit individual cities.”

Neuron Mobility said it was one of the pioneers of geofencing technology “which allows councils to better control where, and how fast, e-scooters can be ridden”.

“Using GPS and geolocation, we work with councils to implement slow-zones, no-go zones and to dedicate parking zones that best suit their towns and cities.

“Information about e-scooter movements, speed, drop-off and pick-up points can be used to help cities better manage their transport systems.

“We share anonymised data with councils so they can better plan the cities of the future.”

Riders will be able to book and use the e-scooters through Neuron’s user-friendly app, which can be downloaded from Apple or Google app stores and set up in a matter of minutes.

Single trips will cost $1 to unlock the e-scooter and 38 cents per minute thereafter.

More frequent users have the option to purchase Neuron Passes, a subscription service, available in three-day ($25), weekly ($33), or monthly ($89) options.

Neuron Mobility said the packages allow users to ride as many times as they want for up to 90 minutes per day for a fixed affordable price.

“This will result in no additional unlocking fees and savings of up to 90 per cent,” Neuron Mobility said.

Where the e-scooters can operate:

e-scooters Neuron Mobility
Bundaberg Regional Council has granted Neuron Mobility a permit to operate e-scooters within the Bundaberg CBD.
e-scooters Neuron Mobility
Bundaberg Regional Council has granted Neuron Mobility a permit to operate along areas of the Bargara foreshore.



  1. Its great that there will be e-scooters to use around the Bundaberg CBD and North Bundaberg. Disappointing that for the safety of the riders using them, that the authorised area does not allow users to utilise the existing pathway on the north side of the Burnett Traffic Bridge which loops down under the bridge and connects to the pathway along the river which is included in the mapping. Certainly a much safer option than trying to cross the road immediately at the end of a very busy bridge. Hopefully approvals can be amended to include this small, safe, yet scenic section of path in North Bundaberg for users to enjoy.

  2. I seriously hope authorities revise who is riding these scooters as it is advertised that riders must be 18+ but the amount of children some look as young as 10 years old riding these at speed on our roads is terrifying, please do something before we are witnessing fatalities.

  3. Colin O’Dare,

    Tomorrow I will be 73 so IMHO a bit too fragile for these scooters. Mrs and I use Bargara Lifesaving Club coffee shop most days for our caffeine “fix.”

    Recently 2 of the scooters were parked/waiting outside the club with a group of 12 years olds (I asked) contemplating hiring. I asked them the price ($1 log on unlock fee and 38 cents for each minute you use the scooter until you log off.)

    I was told your first have to download the company’s app and set up your phone to link to a debit card. Once tapped and linked to your bank you use the phone to unlock and ride. Maybe you lie about your age when setting up the app because helpful 12 year old hired the scooter and rode off. I would hope that the scooter hire company has public liability insurance built into their hire charges just in case the rider causes accident or injury

    It is interesting that old folk gophers (those with number plates) are speed limited for use on footways. Our last house was in Ballina where one old gopher driver lady collected/crashed into another old pedestrian lady as she came out of a Lotto shop and broke the latters hip. Bun fight resulted as to medical cost claims etc involving all ratepayers because Ballina Council did not, at that time, have a policy for gophers using pedestrian footways and the gopher driver lady had few assets and no third party insurance.

  4. Where’s your contact number
    The scooters been left in milbank, in people’s way and no phone number

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