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‘Local hands and local pride’ build luxury yachts

The luxury catamaran, Catalina, is the 24th build by local company Coral Coast Marine Constructions.

Stretching a massive 23.5 metres the impressive luxury catamaran, the ‘Catalina’, has become the 24th and largest build for Bundaberg Port based company Coral Coast Marine Constructions.

Coral Coast Marine Constructions (CCMC) was established 17 years ago in Bundaberg by Rob and Denise Goode after many years of boat building in Brisbane. The couple recently celebrated their biggest project ever with the launching of the custom-built luxury motor yacht Catalina, at the Bundaberg Port

Mark and Katie Wilson of Brisbane are the proud owners of the new vessel and said they are ecstatic that their dream had been transformed into reality. Having previously owned a pre-loved 18.5 metre CCMC catamaran, Mark and Katie made the decision to have one designed and built to suit their own personal tastes and lifestyle.

“Rob had built then maintained our last Cat which was later damaged during Cyclone Debbie whilst in Hamilton Island, resulting in extensive repairs being carried out by CCMC,” Mark explained. “In my view, Rob and the team are the very best in the business hence why we decided to have our new build through them. As expected, the build and design process for Catalina, was totally relaxed and hassle free. Rob and Denise and the team of local businesses have created a GREAT boat at a quality level, well above normal expectation, and nothing was too much trouble.”

Catalina catamaran
Transporting the vessel to the water was a mammoth team effort.

After almost two years of planning and construction, Catalina was launched last week and created quite an interest in the area.

Denise said, “Due to her size, the vessel needed to be positioned onto a specialised semi and carefully moved to the riverbank in preparation for the precision lift by two commercial cranes. The timing for the launch was a pivotal part of the process as the suitable tide for a crane launch of a vessel this size only happens a few times a year.”

“There were plenty of family and friends, and curious onlookers at the launch, with many staying on to watch Rob complete the tricky task of manoeuvring Catalina into her temporary berth. He was greeted with loud applause from everyone when he appeared from the helm.”

Catalina catamaran
Catalina prepares to be launched in the Burnett River.

Major project a celebration of Rob’s skill and finesse   

CCMC specialised in the custom design and construction of the multi-level luxury power catamarans, but also built jet powered monohulls, houseboats and outboard powered ally plate fishing boats. It didn’t take long for word to spread across Australia about the luxury builds happening in Bundaberg.

“Orders rolled in from Darwin right around to Melbourne, with a number of customers returning to place orders for their second Cats. Two Cats have even made their way overseas and are currently berthed in Fiji.”

Denise adds, “It’s remarkable to think that the creation of these huge vessels begins with an empty shed and flat sheets of aluminium, nothing is prefabricated. From start to finish, the whole project is transformed on site in Bundaberg. The task of custom designing these beauties is shared between Rob and Andrew McDonald-Smith from McDonald-Smith Marine Designers. Many long hours are spent at the drawing board but wow – what awesome designs they create.”   

Rob is quick to deflect all the attention that comes his way and explains that creating these vessels is very much a team effort. “CCMC is just part of it with many local businesses and tradies making up the team: from fabricators, cabinet makers, electricians, plumbers, painters, mechanical fitters, air-conditioning specialists, upholsterers and so many more. Most of them have been part of each build since the very first one back in 2004, and it’s their expertise and high quality workmanship that make these cats so well-known and sought after. I congratulate you all and am proud to have worked alongside each of you.”

Denise spoke affectionately of her husband as she explained, “Even after all these years of watching these magnificent creations get built from the shed floor up, I am still in awe of my husband’s achievements. His talent, his untold knowledge and his personality shine through each and every one of the vessels he has built. I am extremely proud of him. I’m also very proud to say that you don’t need the big cities to produce top end products. These ‘Majestic’ Cats are built right here in Bundy with local hands and local pride. Congratulations to everyone involved, they are truly a credit to you all.”

Catalina catamaran
Catalina being lowered by two cranes.

After 43 years in the marine industry, including the last 17 years as CCMC, Rob has decided that ‘Catalina’, his largest build yet, would be his final major project before stepping back from the construction part of the business. He will though, continue on with the family business of CCMC and concentrate on smaller projects like refits, engine repowers and general R&M. When Rob was asked what his favourite part of his job has been his answer was simple, “The people I have met, the friendships that have formed, and of course the finished product.”

Catalina catamaran
She made it! Catalina in the Burnett River.

Local couple Harley and Leah Mason will take on the new-builds through their own business Coral Coast Cats. Denise adds, “Harley is a fully qualified Boat Builder and has worked alongside Rob for a large number of the builds. He has gained enormous knowledge learning from Robs wealth of experience, and from watching him work his magic on these Cats. It’s now Harley’s turn,” Denise said with a smile. “Both Rob and I sincerely wish Harley and Leah all the very best in their new venture.”  

The Catalina on a beautiful night.

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