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Savour the beauty of art in new BRAG exhibition

ART: Savour will be showcased at BRAG from Saturday.

In an increasingly busy world, it’s refreshing to be able to slow down and savour something we enjoy and that is the concept behind Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery’s latest exhibition. 

Visitors to the gallery will be greeted with the SAVOUR exhibition that allows the visitor to take their time with each artwork. 

The artworks are spread out around the walls, there is increased seating in front of the works, and the lighting is designed to calm. 

Bundaberg Regional Council’s portfolio spokesperson Cr John Learmonth said SAVOUR was an appropriate title for an exhibition designed to not only capture the attention of its audience and draw them further into the artworks, but also inspired by food.

“All that the exhibition asks of visitors to the gallery is that they take their time when viewing the artwork, exploring the sensations and emotions that each image evokes within them,” Cr Learmonth said.

“On average, gallery visitors spend just 17 seconds looking at each artwork, but this exhibition will ask a little more of the viewer than that.

“The works, created by Marian Drew, John Honeywill, Linde Ivimey, Dylan Sarra, and Chloe Smith, are thought provoking and should be the catalyst for lively discussion after the viewings.”

In a nod to the slow food movement, each artwork in SAVOUR is inspired by food, the act of eating, or what remains after the feast.

Food, like art, is often so much about the personal resonance which can be complex or subtle, but always evocative.

BRAG exhibit
In the Shed will be in Gallery Two at BRAG.

Also opening to the public on 10 April at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery Two is In the Shed, a  celebration of the humble structure found in backyards and fields across regional Queensland, and the importance it holds for the men who call it theirs.

Initiated by Creative Regions in partnership with photographer Sabrina Lauriston and journalist Kallee Buchanan in Childers in 2020 and competed in 2021 at Bargara, the purpose of the ‘In the Shed’ project was to uncover the stories that lay behind the shed doors.

Alongside the rusty farm implements, half finished projects and the odd litter of kittens, Sabrina and Kallee found links to past generations, treasures from yesteryear, and men who were willing to open up about what this space meant to them.

Invested is an uplifting and empowering digital animation about the importance of choosing to engage with, and nourish, both our environment and community.

It has been created as an installation for Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery’s The Vault by Emma Thorp, a Fraser Coast artist known for her strong digital works and short animations that are often autobiographical in nature.

‘Invested’ will open to the public on Tuesday, 20 April 2021.

A weekend to celebrate these exhibitions, and the artists and curators involved, is planned for the 21st and 22nd May 2021. 

To find out more phone Bundaberg Regional Galleries on 4130 4750 or visit the Galleries Facebook page or Arts Bundaberg website.